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You may sublet your unfurnished University rental unit if you are on approved leave for all or part of the academic year, or during the summer months. Extenuating circumstances may be considered and must be approved in writing by Housing and Real Estate Services (HRES), and may not exceed the term of the current lease agreement.


  1. The University rental contract holder will remain solely responsible for making rental payments. The University rental contract holder will also remain solely responsible for any and all damages beyond normal wear and tear that may be caused to the property during the period of sub-tenancy and will bear all costs for such repairs.
  2. The University rental contract holder must obtain prior approval for the sublet from HRES. A request should be submitted through Princeton One Stop Housing (POSH).
  3. The University rental contract holder is expected to use the Sublease Agreement found below.  A copy of the agreement must be submitted to HRES prior to the start of sublet period.  This written "agreement" for the subtenant will clearly state the period of sub-tenancy, rental payment expectations, and any other conditions deemed necessary and must be signed by the University rental contract holder and subtenant.
  4. No sublet is permitted beyond the lease period without written approval from HRES.
  5. University rental units must be sublet to University affiliates only. Subletting to undergraduate students is prohibited. 
  6. Rental amounts charged for the unit must not exceed the current rental amounts charged by the University for a comparable furnished unit. The University rental contract holder will remain liable for the total rent due during the term of the lease agreement.
  7. Sublet listings and advertisements must be approved by HRES prior to posting. HRES prefers that tenants advertise their sublet via the University’s Off-campus Housing website.
  8. The University rental contract holder is expected to provide keys to the subtenant. HRES will not issue additional keys to any subtenant without written or electronic authorization from the University rental contract holder.
  9. HRES cannot issue parking permits to any subtenant. The subtenant must obtain a University parking permit for the period of the sub-tenancy through Transportation and Parking Services.

Princeton One Stop Housing (POSH)

Sublease Agreement (PDF)

Off-campus Housing Website