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Intellectual, cultural and social activities at the Graduate College are available to enrich your life on campus.

Office of Graduate Student Life

The Office of Graduate Student Life plans and sponsors events and activities and provides resources to make your life on campus enriching and rewarding. They publish a monthly calendar of intellectual, cultural, and social events, including lectures, recreational outings, and public service activities.

The office’s full-time staff and Community Associates, who are part-time graduate students, work to enhance the quality of life for all graduate students.

Many other programs that broaden the graduate student experience run in partnership with the Women’s, International, LGBT, and Fields Centers; Center for Jewish Life; Career Services; McGraw Center; and the Graduate Student Government.

Graduate College House Committee

As the student governance organization of the Graduate College and annexes, the Graduate College House Committee represents residents to the administration and sponsors many of the events and activities at the Graduate College. 

If you live in the Graduate College or annexes, you will pay house dues that allow you to participate in House Committee functions. The House Committee welcomes input and participation from all residents, and if you are interested in getting involved, contact House Committee on their website.

Graduate College House Committee