Standard Dorm Room Furniture
Your dorm room is furnished with one adjustable-height bed frame and mattress (requiring extra long twin size sheets), one dresser, one desk and one chair for each person living in the room, as well as waste and recycling baskets. If you want to make changes to the configuration of your room, coordinate this with your roommate, and then arrange the furniture to your liking. All the furniture in your room needs to remain in the room for the duration of the school year.

Need Bunk Bed Pegs, A Rail or A Ladder?
If you'd like to bunk the beds in your room and you need the pegs to do so, simply stop by the Facilities Service Center in the MacMillan Building and pick up a set of pegs. The Facilities Service Center will also request a ladder and rail on your behalf from Building Services.

Want to Adjust the Height of Your Bed?
This video will provide step-by-step instructions for adjusting your bed height.