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Understand the Room Draw Process

To navigate the room draw process successfully, you should be an informed participant. You need to know, for instance, your physical space and living arrangement options, rules for applying for room selection as a group or as a single (depending on your situation), and proxy regulations if you are not available during your room selection time. You also need to review your meal plan options carefully so you can select the dining plan best suited to your needs.

My Housing for Undergraduates

To participate in Room Draw you must log in to My Housing for Undergraduates, a web application which allows you to complete the room draw process online. You may access this system from the upper right-hand corner of this website in early February, and you will need your NetID and LDAP password to log in. When you log in, information specific to you and your selection process will display.

My Housing for Undergraduates

Visit Rooms

Be sure to visit as many rooms as possible before applying for room draw, so you can get a good feel for the space you could occupy next academic year. The floorplans listed below will have the most accurate room configurations and will reflect any construction that may change the room.

Take a Look at Floor Plans

Take a look at the floor plans for the dormitories you are considering. Note the square footage of the rooms and the locations of the bathrooms, kitchens and common areas. Laundry facilities are also shown.

Dormitory Floor Plans

Know What Rooms Are Available

Log in to My Housing for Undergraduates to view the available rooms list, which is posted when draw times are posted and shows the rooms that can be selected in every draw. My Housing for Undergraduates will display the list at the same time that draw times are posted. The list is based on preliminary occupancy ratings for the next academic year.

You can order the available rooms list by dormitory and by the number of students who may occupy a room. Then sort the list by square footage, gender regulated areas, gender neutral areas or substance free areas.

When room selection is in progress the list will appear in real time, indicating which rooms are still available. You should refresh the list often during the draw.

Consider Designated Areas

  • Gender regulated
  • Gender mixed
  • Substance free
  • Rooms for Independents

Consider Services

  • Kitchens
  • Laundry facilities
  • A cappella practice rooms
  • Bathroom locations