Co-eds in dorm

Fulfilling Your Contract

If you select or are assigned living space during room draw and have signed a housing/dining contract electronically, Princeton University expects you to fulfill the terms of your contract for the entire academic year.

Your housing/dining service agreement charges are payable as determined by the Office of Finance & Treasury (loans and receivables). If you fail to pay as agreed, you may be subject to suspension and withholding of your degree and transcripts.

Office of Finance & Treasury

Contract Period

The contract period for University accommodations begins prior to the first week of classes in September.

The contract period ends for freshmen, sophomores and juniors at noon on the Saturday after the last scheduled final exam of the second semester; however, you should plan to vacate your room 24 hours after your last final. The contract period for graduating seniors ends at noon the day after Commencement.

If you occupy your living space after the contract period ends, Housing staff may enter your room, pack your belongings and store them at your expense.

Canceling Your Contract

Although the contract you sign is binding for the academic year, you may cancel you agreement without explanation and without penalty through July 15.

The University does recognize that extraordinary circumstances could cause you to terminate your agreement early. If you do have to terminate, complete an intent to vacate form at Princeton One Stop Housing (POSH).

When contracts are canceled after July 15, fees are typically assessed from the date when the Undergraduate Student Housing Office receives your written notice.

If you take a leave of absence or choose to study abroad, you should not rely on the Dean’s Office to provide notification to the Undergraduate Student Housing Office. Be sure to cancel your contract online at POSH.

Fall term cancellation fees

  • Through July 15: No penalty
  • July 16 to August 15: $500
  • August 16 to September 15: $1000
  • After September 15: 50% of the semester’s rent
  • After classes have begun or after you have moved into your room, regardless of date: 50% of the semester’s rent

Foreign Study

If you plan to study abroad, complete an intent to vacate form online at POSH.

  • Fall participants: no fees apply if you give notice by July 15.
  • Spring participants: no fees apply if you give notice by January 1.

Spring vacates must leave their rooms by the Sunday before Intersession. No exceptions can be made. Contact the Undergraduate Student Housing Office directly in writing by the July contract cancellation deadline to avoid cancellation fees. Your request should include documentation from the Office of the Dean of the College, supporting your intent to terminate.


If you voluntarily withdraw from the University in the first two weeks of the fall semester, you will be billed rent and dining charges by the week. If you withdraw in the third week or after, you will be billed for the entire semester’s rent and dining charges. You must vacate your room within 72 hours of receiving a withdrawal notice. Complete an intent to withdraw form in POSH. 

If you are required to withdraw from the University, you will be billed on a pro-rated basis to be determined by the Undergraduate Student Housing Office and the Dean. You must vacate your room within 72 hours of receiving a withdrawal notice.

If you appeal a required withdrawal, you may remain in your room for the duration of the appeal. If the appeal is not overturned, you will be billed rent on a weekly basis for every week or partial week that you occupy the room. You will have 48 hours from the conclusion of the appeal process to remove your belongings.

Vacating Your Room After Canceling Your Contract

After you receive permission to terminate your contract, you have 72 hours to vacate your room. At this point, your card access will be terminated. The Undergraduate Student Housing Office may agree to some flexibility in your departure date if your circumstances require it.

If you terminate your agreement to study abroad or to take one semester of advanced standing or a leave of absence, you must vacate your room the Sunday before Intersession at 9 am. If you do not vacate as required, you may forfeit your spring semester housing charges.