Halogen lamps and space heaters are unauthorized heat-producing appliances and are not permitted in undergraduate or graduate dormitories or annexes.

If discovered, the unauthorized appliance will be confiscated. Please refer to Fine Schedule for penalty. 

Fine Schedules

The Policy

Heat-producing electric appliances are not permitted in University dormitories or annexes, including student rooms, except for certain authorized items. The only exceptions to this rule are locked, limited-access kitchens, locked cabinets in open kitchens, and the private kitchens in some suites.

Appliances in sealed cartons will incur a warning on the first inspection. Their continued presence during subsequent inspections will incur a $100 fine. This fine can be incurred whether it is the originally-cited appliance or a different appliance in a sealed carton.

Authorized heat-producing appliances may not be left on while unattended or used in any hazardous manner. Authorized items are irons, electric blankets, hair dryers, hair curlers, and clothes steamers. Also certain coffee makers, kettles, hot air corn poppers and iced tea makers are authorized. Please be sure not only to get the correct manufacturer, but also to get the correct model.

If discovered, unauthorized appliances will be confiscated. Please refer to Fine Schedule for penalty.

If authorized heat-producing electric appliances (irons, electric blankets, hair dryers, hair curlers, clothes steamers, and designated models of kettles, popcorn poppers and coffee makers) are misused, refer to Fine Schedule for penalty.

Fine Schedules

Selection Criteria

Approximately four times annually, Housing and Real Estate Services (HRES) visits local merchants to look for additional manufacturers and models to add to the University's list of authorized heat-producing electric appliances. When acceptable models are found, they are placed on the list and students are informed via email. The authorized appliance list is posted in the following section of this website.

You may submit a heat-producing electric appliance to HRES for possible placement on the University's list of authorized heat-producing electric appliances. For consideration, contact Ken Paulaski, Manager of Dormitories at kenpaul@princeton.edu or (609) 258-3995 to make an appointment to bring the appliance to him. Disassembly of the appliance may be required to examine it.

If you request an appliance to be examined after it has been confiscated, the fine for the confiscation will stand since the appliance was not on the list at the time of confiscation.

When looking at heat-producing electric appliances for acceptance to the authorized list, the University examines the appliance for:

Coffee, espresso, cappuccino and iced tea makers

  • A thermostat and in-line fuse

Hot air popper

  • A thermostat and in-line fuse
  • No reservoir for heating butter/margarine

Tea kettle

  • A thermostat and in-line fuse

The University requires a thermostat and an in-line fuse to ensure that the appliance will turn off if a problem arises. The thermostat controls the temperature that the appliance can reach. The in-line fuse acts as a back up to the thermostat that will shut down the appliance if the thermostat fails.

Miscellaneous appliances

  • Irons
  • Electric blankets
  • Hair dryers
  • Hair curlers
  • Clothes steamers

Tea Kettles

  • Black & Decker model #’s KE100, KE150, KE900 (Canadian), KE1610W TYPE 1, KE2010A, KE2020, MGD550
  • Superior Model # EK302U
  • Russel Hobbs Model # C-550
  • Presto Model # 02703
  • West Bend Model # 6400

Hot-air Popcorn Poppers

  • Black & Decker Model # HP50
  • Hamilton Type PP01
  • Proctor Silex Model #’s H7240-PP01, H7350-PP01
  • Salton Model # PC2
  • Toastmaster Model # 6201B, 6201R
  • Wearever Type PP01 Model # 73000, 73111, 73444
  • Westbend Model # 82010, 82102, 82602, 82700

Coffee Makers

  • Bella- All Models
  • Black & Decker Model #’s BCM1410B, CM0950B, CM1050B, CM1050W, CM1200B, CM1200W, CM1609, CM2020B, CM2035B, CM3005S, CM4000S, CM5000B, CM5000GD, CM5000RD, CM5000WD, CM618, CM620B, CM625B, DCM2160B, DCM2160W, DCM600B, DCM600W, DLX1050W, CM2035B, CM5000B, CM5000GD CM5000RD
  • Black & Decker Brew N Go Model #’s DCM7, DCM16, DCM18, DCM18S, DCM18X, DCM19
  • Black & Decker Home Café Model #’s AM6, AM8, HCC70, HCC100, HCC150
  • Braun Model #’s 3105, 3107
  • Breville Model #’s BKC700XL, BKC600XL, BDC550XL BDC650BSS
  • Bunn Model #’s BX, BTX-B GRX-B NHB-W STX TX-B
  • Bunn Velocity Brew Model #’s 38200.0016, 38200.0017, 38300.0061, 38300.0064, 38300.0067, 38300.0068, 43300.000, 44900.0102
  • Bunn Phase Brew Model #’s 42600.0102, 42600.0103
  • Bunn Single Cup My Café Model # 42900.0301
  • Capresso Coffee A’la Carte Mol # 352.04
  • Capresso On the Go Model # 425.05
  • Capresso Coffee Team Pro Model # 477.05, 478.05
  • Capresso Coffee Team TS Model # 465.05
  • Capresso Coffee Team GS Model #’s 445, 464.05
  • Capresso MT600 Plus Model # 485.05
  • Capresso MG600 Plus Model # 484.05
  • Capresso CM300 Model # 475.05
  • Capresso SG120 Model # 494.05
  • Capresso CM200 Model #s 476.01, 476.04
  • Capresso 12 Cup Drip Model # 424.01
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Co. Models Americano, Briso, Kaldi
  • Connaisseur Home Concepts Model # GM-510
  • Costco Classic Model # F50
  • Courtesy Products CV1 model # 15180
  • Cuisinart Model #’s CBC-1600, CBM-18N, CHN-12, CHW-12, CHW-14, DCC-1000, DCC1000BK, DCC-1100BK, DCC-1150BK, DCC-1200, DCC-1400, DCC-2000, DCC-2600, DCC-2650, DCC2750, DCC2800, DCC2900, DCC3000, DCC3200, DCC-450BK, DCC-450R, DCC-500, DGB-1, DGB-550BK DGB-600BC
  • DeLonghi Model #’s DC514T, DCF2212T, DCF221OTTC, DCF6214T, DCM02.BK, DCM02.RE
  • General Electric Model # 106591R
  • Gevalia Model # CM150
  • Hamilton Beach Model #’s 47380, 48464, 49756, 49990, 46201, 48136, 48137, 49317, 49467, 49615, 49618, 49754, 49755, 49854, 49855, 43254R, 49315R, 49316R
  • Hamilton Beach Brew Station Model #’s 47224, 47451, 47454, 47700, 47900, 47950, 48274, 48463, 48464, 48465
  • Hamilton Beach 2Way Brewer Model # 49980Z
  • Hamilton Beach 2 Way Flexbrew Model # 49983
  • Hamilton Beach Ensemble Model # 43253R
  • Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Single Serve Model #’s 49962, 49963, 49997, 49995R
  • Hamilton Beach/Proctor Silex Model # D40104, 47008B
  • Hamilton Beach Java Blend Model # 40918
  • Hamilton Beach Pod Brewer Model # 49970
  • Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Model # 45214, 45234, 45237R, 45238R, 49990Z
  • Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single Serve Model # 49981
  • Jura Impressa Model #’s C60, C9, Lines C & F
  • Jura Classic Model #’s F50, F7, F8, J9, J9.3, S9, Z7, Z9
  • Jura Ena Model #’s 9, Micro 1, Micro 5, Micro 9
  • Keurig- All Models
  • Kitchen Aid Model #’s KCM0402ACS, KCM08020B, KCM1110B, KCM1120B, KCM1202OB, KES0503CA KCM1203CU, KCM1402ER, KCM1402Q, KCM2220B, KCM222CU, KCM223CU, KCM515, KES0504ER, KPCG1000B
  • Krups Model #’s FME1, FME2, FME4, FMF4, FMF5, KM3108, KM4055, KM7000, KM730, KM750, KM77, KM9008, KT4065
  • Krups Dual Coffee Maker Model # F32442
  • Krups Grinder/Coffee Maker Model #’s EA82, EA84, EA9010
  • Melitta Model #’s 46893, 46894, 66336, 66360, 66364, ME12CDB, MEFB2B, MEFB2W, MES2B, MES2R
  • Melitta Dual Travel Mug Model # ME2TMB
  • Mitaca Model # POD1
  • Mr. Coffee Model #’s APTX8,3 APX83, ARX20, ARX23, ARX33, BLX210, BVMC-DMX85, BVMC-ECX41CP, BVMC-KG2W-001, BVMC-PSTX91WE, BVMC-PSTX95GTF, BVMC-SCTX95, BVMC-SJX, BVMC-SJX20, BVMC-SJX33GT, BVMC-WX, CGX20-NP, CGX7, DCM100B, DCM2000B, DCM2160W, DCN675BF, DR4-NP, DRTX85-NP, DRX5, DRX5-NP, DW12-NP, DWX20-NP, FTX21, FTX29, FTX41CP-NP, FTX41-NP, FTX43-2NP, FTX49-NP, HCB50, HCB63, ISTX85, ISX23, JR40, JWTX85, JWTX95, JWX23WM, JWX27, JWX27-NPA, JWX3, JWX36-NP, JWX9, MCC120, NLX23, NLX5, PLX20 PR123 PR243 PRX20 PRX30 PRX33 SKX20-NP TCX83 TF4-NP TF6 TFTX85 TR40 UNX20 UNX23 URTX85 VB12-NP VBX20-NP
  • Mr. Coffee Single Brewers Model #’s BVMC-KG2B-001, BVMC-KG2FB-001, BVMC-KG2W-001, BVMC-KG5, BVMC-KG6-001
  • Nespresso – All OriginalLines Models Kitchen Aid, Inissia, Pixie, Citiz, Lattissima, Grand Maestria
  • Nespresso- All Vertuoline and Bundle lines
  • Nespresso Model #’s C101 C101 "PB" C110GR C100Areo Titnium C120RE, C60USBLNE, C60USTINE, D110CW, D120BK, D120SI, D150, D290, D60USALNE, D60USSTNE, D60USYENE, D90
  • Phillips Model # HD7610
  • Proctor Silex Easy Morning Model # 41461
  • Proctor Silex Morning Maker Model # 42461, 42464, 49201
  • Proctor Silex Simply Coffee Model # 46261
  • Rival Model #’s BP-3BL, BP03BM, BP-3LP, BP-3LV, CM800KS, PIL-117106, PIL-HC08104, PIL-HC0911, PIL-HC10001, PIL-HC10002, PIL-HC10003, PILHC10106, PIL-HC10107, RV-076
  • Senseo Model #’s HD7810/15, SL7810
  • Senseo Toastmaster Model #’s TCM12W, TCM12DW
  • Westbend Model #’s 56310, 56320

 Coffee/Espresso/Cappuccino Makers

  • Americano- Model American, Kaldi, Briosa
  • Capresso Model # 116.04, 4 Cup Model # 303, 303.1
  • Capresso Stainless Steel Espresso & Cappuccino Machine Model # 119.05
  • Delonghi Model #’s BCO264, BCO320T, BCO330T
  • Jura ENA Micro Model # 1, 9 one touch
  • Mr. Coffee Model #’s BVMC-ECM260, BVMC-ECMP1000, BVMC-ELI, ECM160-NP, ECM20-23NP, ECMP50-NP
  • West Bend Model # 55128

Espresso Makers

  • Bella- All Models
  • Breville Model #’s 800ESXL, BES250XL, BES810BSS, BES840BSXL, BES840CBXL, BES840XL, BES860XL, BES870BSXL, BES870CBXL, BES870XL, BES920BSXL, BES920CBXL, BES920XL, BES980XL, ESPGSXL
  • Capresso Model #’s EC PRO #118.05, EC100 #116.04, EC50 #117.05
  • Capresso Café Model # 115.01
  • Capresso Steam Pro Model #304.01
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf  Co. Lines- Americano, Briso, Kaldi
  • Cuisinart Model #’s EM100, EM200, EM400, EM600
  • Delonghi Model #’s BAR32, DES02, DES02.WH, EAM3500, EC155, EC220, EC5, EC6, EC680, EC702, EC860.M, ECO310.BK, ECO310.R, ECO310.W, ESAM5400
  • Francis-illiy Model #’s 11604EC100, Café Model # 115
  • Gaggia Accademia Model # R19702/01
  • Gaggia Baby Model #’s R1930/01, R1930/11, R19301/21
  • Gaggia Brera Model #’s R19305/01, R19305/11
  • Gaggia Classic Model #’s R19303/01
  • Gaggia Carezza Model #’s R18525/01, 35008
  • Gaggia Gran Model #’s R18323/08, R18323/11, R18325/08, R18325/12
  • Gaggia Platinum Model #’s R19304/01, R19304/11, R19304/21
  • Gaggia Titanium Model # R19701/01
  • Gaggia Model # 9004
  • Hamilton Beach Model # 40715
  • illy Model #’s X7.1, X8, Y1, Y1.1, Y3, Y5
  • Jura Model # E9, ENA, Lines 3, 4, 5, 9
  • Jura -Impressa J & S lines any models
  • Jura Ground Coffee Model # X1
  • Jura Trio Model # ESE
  • Krups Model # X5080, XP1000, XP1600, XP5620, XP6010, XP6040
  • La Nuova-Era Cuadra Model # V2
  • Lelit Model # PL041TEM, PL042, PL060, PL62, PL81T, PL91T
  • Melitta Model 40791
  • Mitaca Model #’s M4, i3, i4, i4 PLUS, i5, POD1
  • Mr. Coffee Model #’s BVMC-ECM260 BVMC-ECMP1000 BVMC-ELI EC21 ECM160 ECM160-NP ECM20 ECM20-23NP ECM250 ECMP50 ECMP50-NP
  • Nespresso – See Coffee List
  • Rancillo Silvia Model # MAR07-00028
  • West Bend Model # 55128

Iced Tea Makers

  • Hamilton Beach Model #’s 40916, 40917, 40921, 40912R
  • Mr. Coffee Model #’s  BVMC-LV1, BVMC-TM33, TM1, TM3, TM3.5, TM14
  • West Bend Model # 68303

Cocoa-Latte Hot Drink Maker

  • Back to Basics Model # CM300

Milk Frother

  • Mitiaca Model # i5M
  • Nespresso Aeroccino Automatic Milk Frother

Water Dispensers Hot/Cold

  • Aquaverse Model #’s 3H, 5H, 5PH
  • Avanti Model # WD29EC, WD30EC
  • Crystal Cooler Model # MOGUL
  • GE Model # GXCFO5D
  • Glacier Bay Model #’s VWD2636W, VWD5446BLS
  • Greenway/Vitapur Model #’s VWD2636BLK-1, VWD2636RED-1, VWD2636W-1
  • Oasis Model #’s B1SRHS, B1RRHS

Live trees (cut or balled), wreaths made from pine boughs, untreated bunting, and other flammable decorations are not permitted.

If discovered, please refer to Fine Schedule for penalty. The live tree is to be removed by the next business day. If not, it will be removed at your expense. All other unauthorized holiday decorations will be removed immediately and disposed of.

Fine Schedules

Motorized vehicles (motor-bikes, mopeds, motorcycles and scooters) with fuel tanks may not be stored or parked in or near a dormitory.

The goal of any fire alarm system is to ensure that residents are alerted to a fire early enough to evacuate safely from the building. To ensure that residents will respond to an alarm, the fire alarm system must be reliable and free of nuisance alarms. Nuisance alarms create complacency among residents and can hinder evacuation.

When nuisance alarms occur within a room or suite, refer to Fine Schedule for penalty.

Fine Schedules

Hazardous conditions not anticipated by specific reference in the Fire Safety Policy are prohibited. When hazardous conditions are identified, you will be given an opportunity to correct them before any fine is assessed. However, if the conditions present a clear and present danger, immediate appropriate action will be taken and a fine imposed accordingly.

You may not install partitions and/or paneling.

If discovered,  refer to Fine Schedule for penalty.

Fine Schedules

Policies governing refrigerators and freezers in dorms and annexes are posted in the “Refrigerators and Freezers” section under "Dormitory Regulations."

Dormitory and Annex Regulations - Refrigerators and Freezers

Policies governing room entry and fire doors are posted in the “Doors and Screens” section under "Dormitory and Annex Regulations."

Dormitory and Annex Regulations - Doors and Screens

Excessively disorderly conditions and the storage of excessive amounts of paper, trash, or recyclables are not permitted. Trash and recycling containers should be kept in your room or suite and only be placed in hallways for disposal.

If discovered,  refer to Fine Schedule for penalty.

Fine Schedules

Policies governing tapestries and other wall hangings are posted in the “Room Decorations” section under "Dormitory Regulations."

Dormitory Regulations - Room Decorations