Rental Eligibility and Application


Rental Housing and Eligibility

Princeton University owns and manages approximately 400 rental units, ranging in size from studios to single-family houses. Rental housing allocation is based on the Faculty and Staff Rental Housing Eligibility Priority Policy which gives the highest priority to teaching faculty. Be sure to take a look at the eligibility policy to see if you qualify.

Rental Contract Period

Rental contracts are written for each unit from the date of occupancy through the following June. Contract renewals are offered in the spring, provided eligibility criteria continue to be met. Renewal contracts will reflect a rate increase with the start of a new contract period on July 1. Requests to transfer from one unit to another will not be considered until contract holders have been in residence at least three years unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Apply for Housing with My Housing for Faculty & Staff

My Housing for Faculty & Staff is the University's web-based housing system which allows faculty and staff to apply for rental housing, submit sublet and vacate notifications, and update family and contact information online. A Princeton University Net ID and password are required to access My Housing. For those with confirmed employment who have yet to receive their PU Net ID, temporary application credentials may be requested by contacting: [email protected]  Be sure to include your department affiliation.