Apply for Housing


As a new, current or returning student you are eligible to apply for housing if you are enrolled in the current or upcoming semester.

Current Students Applying for Housing for the Next Academic Year

At the start of the spring term, a calendar is posted with all of the pre-draw and Room Draw dates and deadlines.  Students wishing to add a spouse, domestic partner or children must include their name(s) on their housing application for Room Draw and also should submit the appropriate documentation to Student Housing.

Room retention

Students who will receive an automatic offer:

  • G1s and G2s in studio or 1 bedroom apartments
  • G1s or G2s with spouses or domestic partners in 2 bedroom apartments
  • Families with children in any size apartment

Students who need to submit a renewal form:

  • G1s and G2s with eligible roommates in shared apartments (2, 3, or 4 bedroom apartments).  Students can only renew fully occupied apartments.  Vacancies can be filled by naming any G1, G2, or G3 on the renewal form. 
  • G1s and G2s in the GC or Annexes, regardless of room type (students in singles in the GC or annexes must submit a Renewal form to receive a renewal offer)

All eligible students participating in renewal must login to My Housing for Graduates to accept their contract offer. Renewal offers are sent March 3, 2023 and must be accepted by 5:00pm on March 10, 2023. Offers that are not accepted by the deadline will be cancelled. If you are unable to submit a form, view an offer, or require assistance please contact us.

Room Draw

All enrolled graduate students are eligible to apply through Room Draw in the spring for housing for the following academic year. Applicants are randomized within their class year and assigned a lottery number.

Those who apply to room draw and who are successful in the lottery for the Graduate College or the annexes are assigned a specific time to go to My Housing for Graduates select a room. Those who are successful in the lottery for an apartment will be assigned in order and should expect to receive an offer for housing in late April or early May.

Wait list

Students who are unsuccessful in Room Draw, but applied by the deadline, are automatically added to the waitlist in order of lottery number. Students who did not apply to Room Draw can apply to be added to the end of the list. These will be ordered based on the application date. 

Students who were unsuccessful in draw and submit a waitlist application will have their position maintained based on lottery number. The waitlist application will be used as a supplement to expand housing preferences.  The wait list application is currently closed and will be re-opened on September 1st. Contract offers are made on a rolling basis as vacancies allow.

There is no guarantee of housing for waitlisted students and we encourage anyone on the waitlist to consider off-campus housing.

Students Returning from Field Study or Leave of Absence

If you are returning from a field study or a leave of absence, you may apply for housing at any point in the year.  Contract offers are made on a rolling basis as vacancies allow.

Visiting Student Research Collaborators (VSRCs)

VSRCs may apply for housing at any time via the My Housing for Graduates website.  

Housing for VSRCs is limited to the Old Graduate College, New Graduate College, and the Annexes.   VSCRs are not eligible to live in Graduate Housing apartments, nor can family members reside with them.   

Availability is limited to vacancies that are available at that time.   VSCRs may request a particular room type, requests will be honored based upon availability.   Tours of rooms prior to move-in are not permitted.  VSCRs are not eligible to participate in the room change process.  


VSRCs will be charged a weekly rate, based on the number of weeks residing in campus.  Charges are based on the room type assigned. 

Please note: When signing the contract the cost listed is the default for full-time students. As a VSRC you will be charged the weekly rate.

Meal Plans:

VSCRs assigned to Old Graduate College and New Graduate College are required to sign up for a meal plan.  Students will be charged the full meal plan amount and then prorated based on occupancy dates. 

VSCRs can choose between the Graduate Unlimited or Graduate Block 105 meal plans. For pricing and details please visit Campus Dining.

VSCRs Off-Campus Housing Options

VSRCs with families or looking for off-campus housing can visit the Off-Campus Housing website or contact Sarah Major, Manager for Housing Services.