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Graduate Room Draw Update

Like offices across campus, the Housing Office is doing all it can to support students during these unprecedented times.  With student support in mind the annual spring room draw schedule has been revised. The FAQs HERE detail information regarding the revised schedule and how undergraduate students who missed the deadline can apply.  For any further inquiries please email

2020 Graduate Room Draw Guide

What's New for Room Draw 2020

Graduate Room Draw Quick Guide 


Available Rooms List

Studios 11
1 Bedrooms 65
2 Bedrooms  94
3 Bedrooms 28
4 Bedrooms 12


A Quick Summary

Graduate Room Draw takes place each spring and designates rooms to students for the following academic year. Whether you are interested in an apartment or a dormitory room in the Graduate college or Annexes, you can submit an application through My Housing for Graduates when it becomes available in February.

During Room Draw, students will:

  • Complete a room draw application prior to the application deadline (specifying room preferences)
  • Be assigned a lottery number
  • Become successful for a room type (apartments) OR participate in a room selection process (dormitories).

Eligible to apply:

  • Students who are currently enrolled and will return the next academic year

  • Students on a leave on a leave of absence or are in absentia and will return the next academic year

  • Students who will not be enrolled may not participate in room draw, but may submit a Wait List application starting in mid-April. Those students should not be listed as roommates; as it may disqualify an application.

Pre-Draw Renewal


Current 1st or 2nd year students and families with children (regardless of class year) living in a graduate apartment may renew their current apartment for the following year. Eligible students in studios, 1 bedrooms, families in 2 bedrooms and families with children in apartments will be sent automatic renewal offers. They will have 7 days to accept or reject the offer. 

If you are a student eligible for renewal in a multi-bedroom apartment and one or more of your roommates is leaving campus, you can pull-in any current 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year student to fill the vacancy. Students who are eligible for pre-draw renewal or want to pull in students to become eligible for pre-draw renewal need to complete the following steps:

  • Fill out a Renewal Form and submit to Student Housing (The Point, A Level in New South building) by February 18.

  • Specify any students to pull in to fill any vacancies (1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students only)

  • Applications will be reviewed and contracts will be sent out for student signature

  • All renewal contracts must begin on July 1.

  • All new residents with renewal contracts will begin on July 6, unless the apartment is ready for a July 1 start date. Every effort will be made to keep pulled-in occupants in their current residence until they can move in to their 2020 contract start date.

Please remember if a student attempts to pull in a 4th year student or higher, their renewal offer will be denied and they will have to enter room draw with their potential roommate to try and secure housing.

If you have any questions,  please email the Graduate Housing Office at


If a student living in the Graduate College or Annexes would like to renew their room for the following year, they must follow these instructions:

Wait List

  • If you applied to Room Draw and you are not successful, you will automatically be wait-listed.
  • If you did not apply for Room Draw, you may apply to the wait list through My Housing for Graduates 

As graduate housing is limited, we advise any student in their 4th year or above to look for off-campus housing.

The Graduate Student Housing Office makes offers to wait listed students on a rolling basis as housing becomes available.

Meal Plans

If you live in the Graduate College, you are required to have a meal plan and can choose one during the room selection process.

If you live in the annexes or in the apartments, you have the option to purchase a meal plan but are not required to do so.


Non-Resident Membership Fee 

Graduate students with university housing contracts other than at the Graduate College and Annexes are automatically non-resident members of the Graduate College House and will be charged a fee of $15 for the Graduate College House non-resident membership for the academic year and hence be afforded all voting and other privileges that come with membership, including the D-Bar for those at least 21 years of age and GC Functions.

Graduate students may request to opt-out of the GC non-resident membership but must do so within five days after accepting their housing contract by completing the opt-out form. No credit for the GC non-resident membership will be provided to graduate students who early terminate their housing contract or move from one graduate housing unit type to another during the academic year; the student will continue to have GC non-resident membership for the remainder of the academic year so as long as they continue to be an enrolled graduate student.


If requested, Students who spent last academic year In Absentia will have their housing priority adjusted by one year. A list of In Absentia students will be provided to Student Housing by the Graduate School and will automatically be considered in Room Draw. For example, a current G3 In Absentia would have the same housing priority as a current G2 who spent no time in Absentia. The goal of program is to provide better access to housing for students whose program requires travel, internships, and/or field work. Only students who were In Absentia are eligible for this program, provided they remain enrolled and otherwise eligible for graduate housing (for example an ET/DCC student would not be eligible).”