Dorm and Annex Services


The University provides a wide range of services to make your room in the Graduate College or annexes comfortable and enjoyable. Take a few minutes to become familiar with them.


Cleaning Services, Trash and Recycling

Cleaning Services

Building Services cleans all public spaces in dormitories and annexes. This includes hallways, common rooms, common bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Cleaning your room and private bathroom is your responsibility. 

Building Services provides housekeeping in public areas Monday through Friday, from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, but if you have a question or problem, contact them at (609) 258-3490.


The University provides a trash can for your room. When it is full, place it in the hallway outside your room. Bring your trash can back into your room when it has been emptied.


Recycling is mandatory at Princeton, and it’s a high priority. Please follow these guidelines:

Mixed paper

Place all mixed paper and cardboard in the blue containers labeled "Recycled Paper Only." When the receptacle is full, place it in the area prescribed by your dorm or annex (trash chute, trash collection area, or hallway outside your room). Please bring the receptacle back into your room after it has been emptied.

Glass, metal, and plastic containers

Place all glass bottles, cans, and plastic containers in the recycling barrels provided.

Rechargeable Batteries

Place all rechargeable batteries in the bins provided. Batteries that must be recycled include nickel ni-cad nickel, lithium, lithium-ion, metal hydride, silver oxide, and mercuric oxide. Alkaline batteries are no longer recycled.

Recycling initiatives at Princeton

For more on recycling initiatives at Princeton University, take a look at the Waste Reduction and Recycling Information posted on the website for the Office of Sustainability.

 Campus Recycling Guidelines

Common Areas

Old Graduate College

Common Room and Reading Room

The Common Room is situated between Proctor Hall and the Porter's Lodge and is furnished with seating for both formal and informal gatherings. It also has a fireplace that can be lit.

The Reading Room, a smaller area off the Common Room, has reading material available to everyone living at the Graduate College and annexes.

Coffee House

The Coffee House is ideal for informal gatherings and sipping your favorite hot beverage. It's located between the 11th and 12th entries of the Old Graduate College (OGC).

Game Room and Vending Café

Located between the D-Bar and the projector room, this room contains a pool table and ping pong table, vending machines, a sink and a microwave.

Projector Room

This room has a large projector screen TV with deluxe cable package, VCR, DVD player and surround sound. To report problems with the equipment, email the Graduate College House Committee at [email protected].


The D-Bar in the basement of the OGC is a private club managed by the Graduate College House Committee. Refer to the D-Bar website for more information.


Computer Cluster

The Office of Information Technology maintains public access computers in several clusters in the OGC. Computer Cluster locations, hours of operation and accessibility requirements are available on the OIT Website.

Office of Information & Technology

New Graduate College

Common Room and Book Exchange

A smaller, less formal gathering space than the OGC Common Room, this room has comfortable seating and a book exchange.

TV Room

This space has a TV, DVD player, and VCR. It is located near the New Graduate College Common Room.

Music Room

The Music Room contains a piano, music stands, and chairs. It is located across from the TV Room.

Building and Room Access

Building Access

Princeton University’s Card Access System combines the finest mechanical and electronic technology with a sophisticated computerized database to automatically lock your building. The system is activated with your TigerCard (also referred to as a proximity or prox card). Mounted on the wall near each exterior door is a card reader. When you bring your TigerCard within four inches of the reader, a green light appears, indicating the door is unlocked. You then have 15 seconds to open the door before it automatically relocks. When the door closes, the lock engages and remains secure until reactivated.


You should not prop the doors open. If the door is propped open or does not close and lock within 25 seconds, an alarm will sound until the door is properly closed.

Your card

Lost, stolen, or malfunctioning TigerCards should be reported to the Department of Public Safety at (609) 258-1000, so they can be flagged or invalidated. Replacement cards can be obtained from the The Service Point on the A level of the New South building.

Found cards should be turned into the Department of Public Safety so they can be checked by the communications officer and the owner notified.

Room Access

All dormitory and annex doors have keyless locks requiring students to use their TigerCard and a PIN to gain access to their room. To access your room, hold your TigerCard within one inch of the numeric keypad on your door. When the light flashes from green to red, enter the four-digit PIN assigned to you. This PIN will be yours for as long as you live in University dormitory housing. If you forget your PIN, go to My Housing for Graduates to obtain it.

Graduate Student Housing Guest Policy

At the Graduate College & Annexes:

Students may have a maximum of two student guests at a time. The student guest(s) must currently be living on campus. Students seeking to have a guest(s) are responsible to obtain consent from each of their roommates indicating that they approve of guests being invited into their room/annex. All residents must agree or guests will not be permitted.

My Housing for Graduates

Keyless Lock Information

Loaner cards

If you are locked out of your dormitory, room, or annex you may borrow a loaner card for one hour to gain re-entry. You are required to sign out the loaner card with the understanding that misuse of the loaner card is treated as a “Rights, Rules, Responsibilities” violation similar to misuse of the University TigerCard.

If you are unable to come to the Graduate Student Housing Office, you have may contact Public Safety at (609) 258-1000 to request re-entry. You will be asked to specify the circumstances preventing you from obtaining a loaner card from Graduate Student Housing Office.

There is no charge for the first three times a loaner card is issued if the card is returned within 24 hours to one of the drop-off locations listed below. If the loaner card is not returned within 24 hours, a $75 non-returned card fee applies.

After three loaner cards are issued, a $30 fee applies for each card issued thereafter. There is also a $30 service fee when Public Safety is dispatched to assist with re-entry. A grace period without fees or tabulations is in place from August 15 to September 30 each year and during all scheduled fire drills.

To replace a lost TigerCard, see the TigerCard Services website for more information. The replacement fee is $15.

Loaner pickup locations

  • Monday-Friday, Regular Business Hours - Graduate Student Housing Office, fifth floor, New South
  • After business hours and weekends - Public Safety, 200 Elm Drive. Critical campus situations may delay your request for a loaner card

Loaner card drop-off locations

  • Graduate Student Housing Office (fifth floor, New South)
  • TigerCard, Transportation Parking Services (A floor, New South)
  • Frist Campus Center Welcome Desk (100 level)
  • Department of Public Safety (200 Elm Drive)



Kitchens are available in the Graduate College and annexes if you want to prepare your own food. Each kitchen is equipped with a stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, and toaster, but you should bring your own pots, pans, dishes, and utensils, which you may store in cabinets provided.


  • Old Graduate College - basement, 4th and 9th entries
  • New Graduate College - Common Room
  • Annexes - varies by building


Maintenance and Inspections

Each student is expected to wash utensils and clean up spills as he or she uses the kitchen. Building Services staff takes care of general cleaning.

To report a problem with a University-supplied kitchen appliance or unsanitary conditions, contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at (609) 258-8000 or complete a service request at their website.

Kitchens are inspected several times during the academic year by housing inspectors and may be closed if unsanitary or unsafe conditions are found.

Facilities Customer Service Center

Laundry Rooms and Laundry Service

Laundry rooms

Each laundry room in the Old Graduate College, the New Graduate College, and the annexes is coin-operated and includes ironing boards, irons, and laundry baskets.

Laundry room locations

  • Old Graduate College - basement, 15th entry
  • New Graduate College - basement, 34th entry
  • Annexes - basements of 11 Dickinson Street and 35 University Place

Annex residents who do not live in either of these buildings may pick up a laundry room key at the Graduate Student Housing Office on the fifth floor of New South.

Laundry room equipment problems or repair

  • Graduate College: email the House Committee at [email protected].
  • Annexes: contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at (609) 258-8000 or submit an online service request at their website.

Facilities Customer Service Center

Princeton Student Agencies Laundry Agency

The Princeton Student Agencies Laundry Agency will pick up your laundry each week, take it to a professional laundry service, and deliver it within three days to your room washed, dried, and folded or placed on hangers. Contact the Princeton Student Agencies Laundry Agency for pricing and pickup and delivery schedules.

Princeton Student Agencies Laundry Agency

Facilities Customer Service Center

The Facilities Customer Service Center is available to help you with maintenance and repairs in your dormitory or annex room. Contact them with questions or to report a problem.

Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Phone: (609) 258-8000 (After hours, leave a message for the following day.)
Email: [email protected]

You can also submit a service request at the Facilities Customer Service Center website.

Facilities Customer Service Center


Building Services

Building Services provides cleaning and other services for your dormitory or annex. Call Building Services at (609) 258-3490 or the Facilities Customer Service Center at (609) 258-8000 if you have a question or problem with the following:

  • Bicycle storage
  • Extermination
  • Housekeeping in public areas (Service is provided 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday)
  • Laundry room cleaning/maintenance
  • Light bulbs
  • Mattress storage

Pest Control Protocol - Bedbug Control Program

The Bedbug Control Program was established in 2007 as an acknowledgement that this issue is becoming more and more prevalent across the nation and inevitably to Princeton’s campus. The objective is to identify, treat, and eliminate bedbug infestations in a way that is responsive to customers’ needs, minimizes disruption to affected students, and is thorough and complete.

Bedbug Protocol

Emergency Requests after Hours and on Weekends

For emergency requests after regular University business hours, such as a power outage, a flood or a potentially dangerous situation, please contact the Department of Public Safety at (609) 258-1000. Email should not be used for emergency requests.

Porter's Lodge

The Porter's Lodge at the Old Graduate College serves as an information center and a focal point for activities and is the source for equipment to borrow. The Graduate College mailroom is also located in the Porter's Lodge.

The Graduate College office coordinator manages the Porter's Lodge. Hours may vary and are normally posted in advance. See the Porter's Lodge website for more information.

Porter's Lodge


Old and New Graduate College

Limited storage is available to residents of the Old and New Graduate Colleges in the basement of the New Graduate College. To access the storage you should contact Building Services, (609) 258-3490. Students may also call the Facilities Customer Service Center at 609.258.8000 for storage-related information. During the summer, storage is available for students who are assigned to housing at the Old Graduate College, New Graduate College, or annexes the following year.


There is no storage available at the graduate annexes. Limited storage is available at the graduate college. In order to gain access to these storage areas contact Building Services, (609) 258-3490.

Access to storage at the Graduate College is available upon request Monday through Friday, from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM.

University Network/TigerTV/Phone

University Network

Get connected to the online community at Princeton. See the students section of the Office of Information Technology (OIT) website.

Princeton University Network

TigerTV Cable Service

TigerTV provides limited basic cable channels in your dorm or annex room at no charge. For HDTV and additional programming, subscribe and upgrade your cable service. See TigerTV on the OIT website for details.


Phone Service and Voice Mail

To set up phone service and voice mail in your dorm or annex room, see Student Telephone Services on the OIT website.

Princeton University Phone Service