Apply for Housing


Incoming Students

The application for new students opens on March 1, 2023 and closes on April 21, 2023 at noon. Housing offers for students who apply by the deadline are not based on a specific type, size or location preference. The ability to accommodate a request for a pet friendly unit is based on availability. 

Apply for Housing via  My Housing for Graduates.

Visiting Student Research Collaborators (VSRCS) 

VSRCs may apply for housing at any time via My Housing for Graduates

Housing for VSRCs is limited to the Old Graduate College, New Graduate College, and the Annexes. VSCRs are not eligible to live in Graduate Housing apartments, nor can family members reside with them.   

Availability is limited to vacancies that are available at that time. VSRCs may request a particular room type, requests will be honored based upon availability.  Tours of rooms prior to move-in are not permitted.  VSRCs are not eligible to participate in the room change process.  


VSRCs will be charged a weekly rate, based on the number of weeks residing in campus.  Charges are based on the room type assigned. 

Please note: When signing the contract the cost listed is the default for full-time students. As a VSRC you will be charged the weekly rate.

Meal Plans:

VSCRs assigned to Old Graduate College and New Graduate College are required to sign up for a meal plan.  Students will be charged the full meal plan amount and then prorated based on occupancy dates. 

VSCRs can choose from two meal plan options (2022-2023 rates):

Graduate Unlimited Plan- $3,835.00 per semester

Graduate Block 105- $1,487.50 per semester

VSCRs Off-Campus Housing Options

VSRCs with families or looking for off-campus housing can visit the Off-Campus Housing website or contact Sarah Major, Manager for Housing Services.