Interim Housing

General Information

What is Interim Housing?Interim Housing provides accommodations for groups and individuals who need to stay on campus because of various services and activities for reunions and commencement.

Who is eligible for Interim Housing:

1. Students working for reunions, i.e. Dining Services, Building Services, etc.

2. Students who are members of contracted student entertainment groups working or performing during reunions.

3. Students who signed Summer Housing Contracts and requested Interim Housing. If you cancel your summer housing contract, you will NOT be eligible for interim housing. Students who receive interim housing for summer housing ONLY are not eligible to purchase Reunions wristbands. If you are a summer housing student and ALSO a member of a crew, working reunions or in a student entertainment group performing you would be eligible through one of those groups.

4. Students working on Reunion Crews

Note: Seniors do not need to apply for interim housing. Students on leave or living off-campus during the Spring semester are not eligible for Interim Housing.

How Interim Assignments Are Made

Only a specified number of rooms and only certain rooms are designated for Interim Housing. At all times we endeavor to keep the student in his/her academic year room. However, if the student’s academic room is not a designated interim room, then that student will have to vacate their room. The interm move around day is Sunday, May 26th. If you are assigned a new room, you MUST be on campus to move this day or you must move your belongings out of your current room prior to this day if you plan on leaving campus or being away.

We understand that this can be a very exciting, yet challenging time and we sincerely thank you for your cooperation in following the interim housing procedures. Please feel free to call Student Housing at 258-3460 or e-mail if you have any questions concerning Interim Housing.

Thank you,

Undergraduate Housing Department
Alumni Council

** Due to potential early move arounds and other housing arrangements, student who participate in interim housing are expected to be on campus during the interim period.

May 15th - Interim Housing Assignments Posted

May 26th - Interim Housing Move Around

June 5th - Interim Housing ends. Exception: Students with Summer Housing Contracts beginning June 11th.