If you are a currently enrolled student at Princeton University and need to stay for the summer, you are eligible to rent a room in the Graduate College & Annexes during the summer months.  Summer Housing exclusively takes place at the Graduate College and Annexes because they are ideal for a short-term stay.

To register for summer housing, you must submit a Summer Housing application through My Housing for Graduates by 4:30 pm on May 4 2018. You must sign a physical summer contract between 8:45 am on May 16 and 4:30 pm on May 18, at the Student Housing Office on the 5th floor of New South. Summer housing is not guaranteed.  Late applications will be accommodated only upon availability. Before signing a Summer Housing contract, read the Terms and Conditions Supplement for Summer Housing. This is in addition to the Terms and Conditions of the Graduate Housing/Dining Agreement. 

Read this site thoroughly. By submitting a 2018 Graduate Summer Housing application, you agree to all of the information contained herein. 

Summer Closings and Work Alerts:


You must submit Summer Housing application and sign your Summer Housing contract. Applications are due by 4:30 pm on May 4, 2018. You can sign your Summer Housing contract at the Student Housing Office during business hours from 8:45 am May 16 until 4:30 pm May 18. Contact us if you are unable to come to our office during the contract signing period. Failure to sign a Summer Housing contract by 4:30 pm on May 18 will result in the room being reassigned.

If you are a current GC/Annex resident:
Summer housing for students living in the GC/Annex begins Sunday, May 27. If you have a GC/Annex contract for the 2018-2019 academic year, you may remain in summer housing until the start of the Fall semester under the summer housing rate. If you do not have a GC/Annex contract for the upcoming academic year, you must vacate summer housing by August 18. There can be no exceptions made for moving out after this date.

If you are vacating your current GC/Annex room on May 26, you will not be permitted to move back into the GC/Annex prior to June 10, 2018. 

If you are not currently living in the GC/Annex:
Summer housing for other graduate students begins on June 10, 2018.

If you are graduating:
If you are graduating, you are ineligible for Summer Housing. You do have the option for Commencement Housing. This will allow you to extend your housing until the day after commencement at noon. The Commencement housing application can be found in My Housing for Graduates.

If you are an Incoming student:
Incoming students cannot apply for summer housing. If you are an incoming student, you must be approved for early housing by the Graduate School. Contact the Graduate School directly.

Room Assignments
There is no Room Draw for Summer Housing. All summer housing assignments will be made by the Student Housing Office. Students currently in housing at the GC/Annex, who apply by the deadline and continue from May 26, will be assigned to their current room. Incoming students will be assigned to their fall room, if available.

Students in multiple occupancy rooms, without a roommate, should always be prepared for the potential arrival of a fellow graduate student. At no time should a student in a multiple occupancy room dominate the entire room. Room changes are not permitted during the Summer Housing contract period.

Contract Information
There is a two week minimum for Summer Housing contracts. A maximum of two separate Summer Housing contracts will be allowed per student. There is no guarantee that the same room will be assigned. A minimum of two weeks is required between contracts and all personal belongings must be removed from the room, even if you have retained the room for the 2018-2019 academic year.

  • No Summer Housing contracts may begin after August 18, 2018.
  • Summer contract weeks begin on a Sunday and end on a Saturday. They not pro-rated daily.  There is no grace period for arriving early.
  • Students wishing to move in on a Friday or Saturday will be charged for a full week of Summer Housing.

If you are a current GC/Annex student, you will need to sign your Summer Housing contract at the Student Housing Office, located on the 5th floor of the New South building, on May 16-18. A student's failure to sign his or her Summer Housing contract by 4:30 pm on Friday, May 18, 2018 will result in that room being reassigned. This deadline will not be extended.

If your Summer Housing contract begins after May 27, 2018, you must sign your contract within 24 hours of the contract start date.

Moving In

If you plan on arriving on the weekend, you need to notify Student Housing at askhousing@princeton.edu of your intended arrival date. You will then receive instructions on how to access your room, approximately two weeks before your move in date. Returning students must update their TigerCard. All students must know their PIN to access the room. The PIN can be found on My Housing.

The weekly Summer Housing rate $203.00

There is a minimum of two weeks for summer housing.

All students will be billed through their student account. Bills can be viewed in TigerPay.

Contracts may be canceled early at the student's request. The student must contact the Graduate Housing Office at least one week in advance of the new intended vacate date. Contracts canceled early for non-academic reasons or contracts canceled without a minimum of one week notice to the Graduate Housing Office will incur a penalty of the weekly rate. You may cancel your contract and reapply only once. You must notify the Graduate Housing Office of your intent to cancel and all belongings need to removed from the room by noon of the vacate date.

Bathroom Information
Floors at the New Graduate College are co-ed over the summer, but students will be assigned to a single gender bathroom, unless the student is currently living on a floor with a co-ed bathroom. Codes will be given upon move-in to Summer Housing and are to be kept confidential for residents only.

Air Conditioning
Fans are allowed, however, air conditioning units are not permitted in any GC/Annex rooms.

Summer Maintenance
Be aware prior to signing your Summer Housing contract that you may experience periods of inconvenience or noise resulting from construction, refurbishing or other maintenance work. The summer break provides the only opportunity to make repairs or improve mechanical systems in campus housing. Consider this information prior to signing a Summer Housing contract. Refunds will not be given on the basis of inconvenience resulting from summer maintenance. The Graduate Housing Office will communicate any summer maintenance that may occur.

Room Maintenance Issues
If you experience any room maintenance issues, please contact Customer Service directly at 609-258-8000 or place a work order.

Furniture Policy
No furniture may be removed from any dormitory during Summer Housing.

Summer Telephone Service
Summer residents living in dormitory rooms are provided with local and campus phone service. Those students remaining for Summer Housing and who have signed up for telephone service will have long distance service using their PAC. For more information, please contact OIT.

Summer Dining Options
Check Dining Services for a list of meal plan options for summer housing.



If you are a current resident of the GC/Annexes, and will be participating is Commencement, we would first like to congratulate you!  This is a very exciting time and we want to make this transition as smooth as possible. Accordingly, the Student Housing Office will provide complimentary housing from May 27, 2018 through noon on June 6, 2018. In order for this to happen, it is important that you read this information very carefully and pay attention to the deadlines.

  • In order to be eligible for Commencement Housing, you must be on the Dean's list of students who are commencing.
  • You must submit a Commencement Housing application through My Housing for Graduates by May 5, 2018 to be guaranteed Commencement Housing in your current room.
  • All Commencement Housing ends at noon on June 6, 2018 and you will have to move out of your room no later than this date and time. Please plan ahead and pack your belongings before this date.