Notice to Lawrence 2-7 Residents

Dec. 11, 2019

Floor Tile in Lawrence Apartments (2-7)

Please note that the floor tile in Lawrence Apartments 2 -7 contains asbestos.  

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was added to a variety of building materials, such as floor tile because it made these products more durable and fire-resistant.  It can become a health concern when activities that could release the fibers within this material occur.  The asbestos contained within the floor tile is tightly bound to the matrix of materials inside of the product and thus does not easily release these fibers. Floor tile that is intact and not damaged (crushed, ground, or crumbled) does not pose a health risk because of this tightly bound matrix.  Minimal damage to the floor tile, such as cracking or even a floor tile that becomes dislodged, also does not pose a significant exposure risk. Activities such as chipping, grinding, or mechanical demolition of the material, which could cause visible clouds of dust, pose a greater risk and should be avoided. 

In general, individuals who are diagnosed with diseases associated with asbestos exposure are people who have been repeatedly exposed to large quantities of asbestos fibers, over many years. It also takes many years after this level of exposure (15 – 40) for a person to become ill and be diagnosed with one of these diseases. Studies have shown that individuals who worked in trades such as heavy construction, shipbuilding and certain types of manufacturing industries, where this level of exposure was common, are most at risk for developing asbestos-related diseases.  Further information about asbestos can be viewed at the Office of Environmental Health & Safety's (EHS) website and further questions or concerns about exposure can be directed to Shaundree Davis at EHS at 609-258-6256.

Residents should report any damaged floor tiles to Customer Service for a replacement.