Storm Related Power Outage Preparedness

Aug. 3, 2020

With current forecasts indicating potentially serious impacts of Tropical Storm Isaias for our area over the next 48 hours we remind residents that storm impacts can include regional power service disruption.  This can affect all of the University’s rental housing for both graduate students and faculty/staff members, since all receive power from the public utility, PSE&G.  Power outages due to severe storms can last several days.  Therefore, we want to remind residents of the general preparedness guidance of keeping a minimum of three days’ supply of water, food, and emergency supplies on hand for all of the members of your household.  In addition, for any individuals residing in a unit that authorizes basement or ground level storage, we recommend  that you elevate your belongings off the floor as well as transitioning storage out of cardboard or paper based boxes and into plastic sealable containers. Taking these steps may mitigate any damage resulting from water intrusion.

We strongly encourage you to check your contact information for TigerAlert and download the TigerSafe app to stay up-to-date with emergency information. 

The University has compiled resources for residential emergency preparedness, and it is a good time to review the following links:

FEMA’s Ready website and checklist:

Tips for the campus community:    

American Red Cross tips:

PSE&G’s outage page:

We recommend bookmarking these sites on a mobile device so that you can continue to access these materials in the event of a power outage.  Most of the resources found at the links have subsections on special preparations for caring for children, people with medical conditions, the elderly, and pets.

In the event of a power outage, work to restore service will be performed by PSE&G.  It is also helpful for the University to be aware of rental housing properties without power, so please inform the Facilities Customer Service Center or the Department of Public Safety.  Contact information for each of these is below:

  • Report outages to PSE&G at (800) 436-PSEG (7734)
  • Facilities Customer Service Center (609) 258-8000
  • Department of Public Safety:  ALL EMERGENCIES: Call 9-1-1 (Cell towers are now set up to route 911 callers to DPS dispatch if the caller is on campus.)
  • Department of Public Safety:  Non-Emergencies: Call (609) 258-1000

We ask that you peruse the above materials and use this time to make sure you are ready to stay safe and as comfortable as possible in your home for at least three days in the event of an extended power outage.  Meanwhile, please direct any questions on emergency preparedness in University rental housing to Chris Warkala, Senior Manager for Housing Facilities, phone: (609) 258-7638.