Apartment Regulations


Air Conditioners

Residents may not install their own air conditioners.

Residents may provide their own window air conditioners, but must have the University’s HVAC Shop install the unit.  Contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at (609) 258-8000 or on their website to make an appointment for installation.

Facilities Customer Service Center

Evacuation Placards and Other Safety Signs

An evacuation route placard is attached to the interior side of each Lawrence apartment entry door and must be visible at all times. If the placard is altered, destroyed or removed, you will be charged the cost to replace it.

Fire Safety Policies

The goal of any fire alarm system is to ensure that residents are alerted to a fire early enough to evacuate safely from the building. To ensure that residents will respond to an alarm, the fire alarm system must be reliable and free of nuisance alarms. Nuisance alarms create complacency among residents and can hinder evacuation.

Intentional activation of a fire alarm when there is no fire emergency is a violation of state law and will result in a $100 fine and possible disciplinary action by the Dean’s Office with no warning issued.

Only University electrical wiring is permitted in apartments. You may use UL listed, fused power strips with cords of 12 feet or less; however, you may not use power strips in series to gain greater length.

Electrical cords must not be routed unsafely (under carpets, in pathways, through doorways, taped down, etc). Spliced, taped or frayed cords must not be used. Electrical wiring which is homemade or otherwise modified is prohibited.

Non-breaker, multi-outlet devices such as adapters, cubes, etc. are prohibited. Dimmer switches, ceiling fixtures and ceiling fans may not be installed.

Egress doors must open fully without hindrance from items in the path of the door swing. No storage of any items such as bicycles is allowed in common hallways.

Motorized vehicles (motor-bikes, mopeds, motorcycles and scooters) with fuel tanks may not be stored in apartments.

Excessively disorderly conditions and the storage of excessive amounts of paper, trash, or recyclables are not permitted. Trash and recycling containers should be kept in your apartment.

Fire extinguishers may not be removed from their proper locations or discharged unless there is a true fire emergency. Anyone found tampering with a fire extinguisher will be fined $100 per extinguisher or per resident, whichever is greater. Violators also face possible disciplinary action by the Dean’s Office.

Building Services maintains and services portable fire extinguishers; report vandalism and/or discharged fire extinguishers to the Facilities Customer Service Center at (609) 258-8000 or submit an online service request at their website.

Facilities Customer Service Center

Flat Screen TV Installation

Contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at (609) 258-8000 or on their website to have a wall mount installed by the University’s Carpenter Shop (fee applies). The wall mount must be provided by the resident.

Facilities Customer Service Center

Lockout and Key Replacement

If you lock yourself out or lose your key:

During business hours:
Come to the Graduate Housing Office weekdays, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM during the academic year and from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM during the summer, to obtain a temporary or replacement key. The office is located on the fifth floor of New South and can be reached by phone at (609) 258-3125.

After business hours:
Contact Public Safety at 609-258-1000 after business hours. You will incur a charge when Public Safety performs a lockout service.

Notification of Intent to Vacate

At least thirty days prior to your move out date, follow the "Vacate Instructions" via My Housing for Graduates to inform the Graduate Housing Office of your plans to vacate your rental unit.

My Housing for Graduates


Residents may not paint their apartments. Residents who paint their apartments will be charged for repainting at move out.

Residents may request that their apartment be repainted at no charge after three continuous years of occupancy.

Personal Property Insurance

Personal property protection

All University contract holders are required to carry personal property protection (renter’s) insurance while living in University rental apartments. The minimum acceptable level of coverage is $4,000.

Personal liability coverage

If you have a pet, you must also carry personal liability coverage. The minimum acceptable level of coverage is $100,000. You may keep pets only after registering them with Graduate Student Housing via My Housing for Graduates.

My Housing for Graduates

Insurance carriers

The University provides information on insurance carriers but does not require the contract holder to buy coverage from any specific vendor.

Proof of coverage

Proof of all required insurance coverage must be provided to Graduate Student Housing prior to the contracted move in date and upon contract renewal or upon request.

Graduate Student Housing will accept a copy of your insurance policy or a copy of your payment invoice as proof. Because this is a contractual requirement, failure to provide proof of insurance will be considered a violation of the terms and conditions of occupancy.


Dogs and cats are allowed in University rental units that have direct access to the outdoors. Contract holders must register their pet with the Graduate Student Housing Office and provide proof of required personal property protection and liability insurance coverage. Dogs and cats are not permitted in housing units with a common entry. Pet owners must comply with all local pet ordinances, rules and regulations. New Jersey law requires dog owners to license their dog with their municipality. Contact the Municipality of Princeton at (609) 924-5704 with any questions regarding local pet ordinances, rules, and regulations.

Students seeking to have an assistance animal because of a documented disability may make a request for Special Needs Housing to the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (Graduate School for grad students) and the Office of Disability Services. Students will be required to provide documentation of the qualifying disability, information about how the animal serves as an accommodation for the disability, and information about how the animal relates to the students ability to use University housing. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Parents are required to supervise their children and follow the guidelines posted at playgrounds.