Fine Schedules

Violation 1st Citation Subsequent

Life safety devices (potential for Dean discipline)

  • intentional activation of fire alarm
  • discharge of fire extinguisher in a non-emergency situation
  • tampering with, blocking of, or covering smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector
  • items hung on/blocking sprinkler
$200 $200

Possession of

  • heat-producing appliance
  • halogen lamp
  • space heater
  • open flames, candles, or other flammable or combustible material
plus confiscation
plus confiscation
  • Exterior elevated surface, e.g. items on a fire escape
$100 $100

Room entry door

  • disconnected closer
  • preventing the door from latching fully, e.g. taping, propping
$100 $200
  • Holiday decor, e.g. live tree, wreath
  • Blocking means of egress
  • Tampering with, defacing, or removing safety seals, safety signs, or evacuations signs
Warning $100
  • Electric wiring, e.g. unauthorized adapter
  • Egress door/window attachment
  • Tapestry, e.g. not hung flat
  • Unsanitary, disorderly conditions
  • Refrigerator or freezer e.g. plugged into an extension cord
  • Partitions or paneling
  • Motor vehicle in an unauthorized location
  • Other hazardous conditions, e.g. items in dormitory common room
  • Unauthorized air-conditioner
Warning $50
  • Heat producing appliance (sealed carton)
Warning $100
plus confiscation
  • Unauthorized pets
Warning $100
At the discretion of the Housing Office, subsequent citations could result in the involvement of the Office of the Dean of Undergraduates or the Graduate School.