Fire Safety Report Information


Below are answers to the frequently asked questions concerning the Fire Safety report.


A Dormitory Fire Safety Inspection was conducted of your room/suite. The inspection of your room may not have been an exhaustive one. Inspections are done to insure reasonable compliance with the University Fire Safety Regulations. There may be unsafe conditions which have not been discovered by the Inspectors. Please review this report and abate all violations.


Any fines indicated in this report will be charged to your student account.  If one resident accepts sole responsibility for a fine, that resident will be fined the single fine amount.  If an individual is not identified as responsible for the infraction, each occupant of the room will be charged the fine amount. Contact the Area Coordinators at [email protected] to accept responsibility. 

Appeals Process  

Students are given the opportunity to appeal if they experience difficulties with the fire inspection process. To submit a procedures related appeal or to dispute a fine over and interpretation of policy, send an email to [email protected].  

You have five business days from the date that you received a fine notification to email your appeal. 

Factual fines are Non-Appealable

Infractions such as possession of an unauthorized appliance, storing fireworks or combustible liquids, candles, or covering/blocking smoke detectors and/or sprinkler systems cannot be appealed.  

Reclaiming Confiscated Appliances

Appliances(s) will be held at the Housing Department in a secure location for the remainder of the current academic year. Appliances must be reclaimed, by appointment, the week before any University break period or the beginning of Check-Out week. All unclaimed appliances will be either donated or disposed of on or after mid-July.

To reclaim an appliance send an email to [email protected] .

University Fire Safety Policy and Dorm Policies & Regulations