Post Room Draw


Wait List

If you are not able to draw a room, after all available rooms are selected during the Sophomore and Upperclass Room Draws, you must apply to the wait list. You may voluntarily place your name on the waitlist rather than select a room, although the Undergraduate Student Housing Office recommends that you draw a room if there is availability.

Apply for the Wait List

Log in to My Housing for Undergraduates and select the “Wait List Form.” Be sure to complete the form clearly indicating your interests.

My Housing for Undergraduates

Prioritize Your Room Preferences

On the form, state your room preferences (i.e. suite or single) in priority order, and add a roommate if you want. In the comments section, note your dormitory choice(s), desired square footage and any other items on your wish list.

How the Wait List Is Ordered

Your original room selection time in the Sophomore Room Draw or Upperclass Room Draw determines your rank on the wait list. If you did not enter a draw, your name will be added to the end of the list in the order your application was received.

All wait listed students who apply by the deadline are guaranteed housing, although specific accommodations cannot be guaranteed. Sophomore wait listed students will be assigned to their Residential Colleges by mid-July, and juniors and seniors will be assigned to rooms and suites in early July.

Cancellation fees

If you applied to the wait list, you are subject to the rules and charges that apply to the cancellation of a housing contract. You have two weeks from the time you are notified of your assignment to cancel without penalty. If you cancel after two weeks, a cancellation fee will be charged to your student account. If you cancel after classes have begun, Princeton University reserves the right to charge one half of the semester’s rent.


How Vacancies Occur

After room draw, some room selections may be canceled when students decide to study abroad, move off campus or into an eating club, take a leave of absence or are suspended.

Notify the Housing Office

If you decide not to occupy your selected room, you should complete an intent to vacate form in My Housing for Undergraduates.

My Housing for Undergraduates

Filling a Vacancy in Your Suite

If there is a vacancy in your suite at any point during the year, Student Housing will contact a remaining suite member, who will have 10 days to fill the space with a student that does not have a housing contract or one who has drawn a single occupancy room. Students are not permitted to fill the vacancy with a student in a multi-occupancy unit thus creating another vacancy. If you cannot find a qualified replacement in a week, Student Housing will attempt to fill the vacancy.

To retain your suite, you or Student Housing must fill the vacancy with a replacement that maintains the group’s application weight. Otherwise, Student Housing may move the remaining suite members to a room that is appropriate for that number of people, and reassign the suite to a wait listed group. If all wait listed students have been housed, a returning or readmitted student will be assigned to the vacancy.

Each resident of a suite is entitled to the same rights, and division of space, regardless of when he or she begins occupancy.