Rising Sophomore Room Draw


Rising Sophomores without Advanced Academic Standing

The Residential College where you lived as a first-year will again be home in your sophomore year. You may select or draw for a different room.

Rising Sophomores with Advanced Academic Standing

As a rising sophomore with advanced standing, you may draw for:

  • The Residential College where you resided as a first-year
    Your application will be weighted according to your original class year, not your advanced standing. You may not use your advanced standing to improve your status for room draw in any of the four-year Residential Colleges.

  • Upperclass dorms and Spelman Hall, or draw as an Independent
    Your application will be weighted with your advanced standing; specific policies apply. If you choose this option, please email the Undergraduate Student Housing Office of your decision no later than the room draw application deadline. Should you rescind your advanced standing at any time after it is used for senior year in room draw, you would then revert back to junior year for the following room draw.

Meal Plans

Sophomores are required to have the Unlimited meal plan.