Room Draw Glossary


Room Draw Terms You Should Know

Available rooms list
A list of rooms available for selection during room draw. This list is a pdf found on the housing portal and is updated periodically during draw. Log in to My Housing for Undergraduates to view the list.

Application weights
The number of points assigned to a room draw application. Generally, a higher class year is awarded more points and an application with greater weight results in an earlier room selection date and time. Higher class years have higher weighted ratings (i.e. Senior, Junior, Sophomore). Independent pledge increases the weighted rating in independent draws.

Dropping down
Joining another group with a later draw time. Dropping down is available to individuals or groups who want to draw into a suite that is not fully occupied, especially when there are no singles available. It is not available in the Independent or Spelman draws.

If you drop down at your draw time:

  • Log in to My Housing, and look for a list of draw times and group numbers. Find the number of the group you want to join.

  • Each member of the group will receive an email, informing him/her of your request.

  • If your request is accepted by at least one group member, your new draw time will appear on your welcome page.

  • If your request is rejected, you may select a room at your originally assigned draw time, if there is a room available.

Gender Inclusive Housing
In gender-inclusive housing, two or more students may share a multiple-occupancy dorm room with no regard to the students' sex or gender. 

Group draw
Two to eight students who choose to live together and apply to room draw under the proxy of a designated group leader. Gender and class may be mixed. 

A student who provides his/her own meals. Independents choose not to contract with Dining Services or join an off-campus eating club, and cannot participate in Residential College or Upperclass Room Draws as an Independent.

Independent pledge
The statement Independents agree to electronically when participating in an Independent room draw.

“My signature on the Housing/Dining Agreement acknowledges my full understanding of the University’s definition of an Independent. I certify by my signature that I am aware if I fail to abide by the Pledge, I will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students for disciplinary action. If I am found in violation of the Independent Pledge, I understand the penalty is normally probation. I am aware that the probation is a matter of permanent record.”

Mixed class group 
Two or more students from different classes who choose to apply to a group draw.

My Housing for Undergraduates
The University website where you apply for room draw, select and change your rooms and meal plans, and electronically accept your room and meal contracts. Use your University NetID to access My Housing. When you log in to My Housing, you will find a welcome page with information specific to you.

Proxy designation 
Authorizing another student or the Undergraduate Student Housing Office to select your room when circumstances prevent you from logging in to My Housing at your draw time. Proxies can be designated in My Housing. See the Application page on this website for more specifics.

Upperclass limit in four-year Residential Colleges 
The number of spaces allocated for rising juniors and seniors in each of the Residential Colleges.

Wait list
A list of students not able to draw rooms, compiled after all available rooms are selected during the Sophomore and Upperclass Room Draws. You may voluntarily place your name on the wait list rather than select a room, although the Undergraduate Student Housing Office recommends that you draw a room if there is availability. Log in to My Housing to see the wait list application. See the Post Room Draw page on this website for more details.