Eating Clubs and Co-ops


Upperclass students may sign up for any of the various options available through Dining Services. See links below for more information. 

Eating Clubs

The 11 eating clubs on Prospect Avenue are institutions unique to Princeton University. They are private organizations, independently owned and operated. The members of eating clubs are second-semester sophomores, juniors, and seniors at Princeton.

While classes are in session, the clubs offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each club determines its own membership, five of them by lottery called "sign-in," and six by way of "bicker," a selective membership process. Charter, Colonial, Cloister, Quad, and Terrace are sign-in clubs, while Cannon, Cap and Gown, Cottage, Ivy, Tiger Inn, and Tower are selective. The costs and rules for membership vary a great deal from club to club.

For more information, please visit the Guide to the eating clubs at Princeton.

For further information on the specific eating clubs, please visit their respective Web sites:


Vegetarian Co-op at 2 Dickinson St. (2-D)

Undergraduate and graduate students comprise the members of this vegetarian co-op (no fish, poultry or meat but including milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products). Dinner is prepared at 6:30 each night by groups of three to five members. Each group cooks once a week. In addition, each member assumes a chore like ordering food, making bread, buying spices, cleaning and other tasks associated with running the co-op. Dinner is the only meal formally provided, but members have 24-hour, seven-days-a-week access to the kitchen, ingredients, and leftovers. The cost is $550 per semester. 

Brown Food Cooperative (216 Brown Hall)

The Brown Co-op can accommodate up to 25 members each semester. Members of this co-op do eat meat. Dinner is prepared each night at 6:30 by a group of members. Each group cooks once per week. Members also take responsibility for one other chore like shopping, sweeping or taking inventory. The group is very self-determined and responds to the desires of its current membership. Even inexperienced cooks are encouraged to join because other members are happy to offer "on-the-job training." The cost is $650 per semester although members frequently receive a rebate. Members also have keys to the kitchen for access to the equipment and food for other meals.

International Food Co-op (IFC)

Interested in an alternative eating option that’s very chill, very tasty, and very open-minded? Welcome to the International Food Co-op at Princeton University, where culinary creativity comes with an international flair. Since 2009, those have us at the IFC have cooked and enjoyed great food and thoughtful conversation, all in a comfortable and open environment in our own kitchen and dining room.

Members cook once a week with three other members, and so those who join will learn to cook cuisines from many different countries, and in the company of other food aficionados. In addition, the IFC has traditions and events that celebrate the holidays of cultures across the globe. The IFC is located in Entryway 4 of Laughlin. Membership is only $650 a semester. If you are interested in joining the IFC, email [email protected], and join us for a guest meal.

Scully Co-op 

Welcome! Scully Co-op is Princeton University's newest and greatest food cooperative (co-op) which began operations in 2017. Learn more about us, check out our photo gallery, and look at our recipes on our website. We hope you come visit us for dinner at 319 Scully Hall.