Transfer Students

Beginning in 2017, Princeton University began accepting transfer students. As a non-traditional first-year student, we want to provide you with the tools to transfer into Princeton student housing successfully.


Your Housing Options

First-Year or Sophomore

If you are entering Princeton as a first year or sophomore student, you will be required to live in one of the six residential colleges and have a meal plan. Residential colleges provide new students with a community of support as they are getting to know Princeton University.

Upperclass Students

If you are entering Princeton as a junior or senior, you will either be placed in a Residential College (see above) or in Upperclass Housing. If you are placed in a Residential College, you will placed with other upperclass students and will be required to have a meal plan. Student is Upperclass housing are not required to carry a meal plan and can cook their own meal in community kitchens.

Your Dorm Room

Your dorm room or suite is home for the next year, and creating your own comfortable space will make everyday life in your Residential College more enjoyable. Click the link above for information on what to bring and personalizing your space.

Married and Family Housing

Some suites in Spelman Hall are available for upperclass married students. Enrolled non-senior students currently residing in married student housing have retention rights. There is no undergraduate housing available on campus for families with children. Should there be more married students than spaces available, it's possible that a Graduate apartment unit could be made available. For students with children, Graduate apartment units are the only option available.

A married undergraduate couple (including a non-Princeton student spouse) will pay one and a half times the cost of a single student living in a Spelman Suite. This includes beds in Graduate Student housing.