Transfer Students

Beginning in 2017, Princeton University began accepting transfer students. As a non-traditional first-year student, we want to provide you with the tools to transfer into Princeton student housing successfully.


Your Housing Options


Upperclass Students

Princeton is committed to securing housing for all students through the full term of their enrollment, and every effort will be made to find appropriate housing for students with families. Transfer students and military veterans are not bound by Princeton's residency requirement, which requires traditional undergraduates to live and dine within the residential college system for their first two years of enrollment. This allows transfers and veterans who wish to commute from off campus to do so from their first term. However, the overwhelming majority of transfers and veterans continue to live on campus for their full career. 

Your Dorm Room

Your dorm room or suite is home for the next year, and creating your own comfortable space will make everyday life in your Residential College more enjoyable. Single transfer and veteran students who wish to live on campus will be assigned to a Residential College where they will be placed in a dorm room.  Click the link above for information on what to bring and personalizing your space.

Married and Family Housing

If you have a spouse, children or dependents, you are eligible for a family housing assignment.