Medical Accommodation


Students who are approved to live on campus, who were previously assigned a housing accommodation, will be housed prior to the draw (early August) in a room that meets their needs based on housing accommodations approved during the spring process. Members of the Class of 2022 will receive an email in mid-July with a link to indicate their intent to live in University housing for the fall. This needs to be done by August 1st to receive a pre-draw assignment.

However, due to NJ state regulations, as well as housing restrictions, we anticipate limitations in being able to accommodate certain requests.  For example, students assigned housing accommodations will not be able to have a drawmate (with no needs of their own) in this process.  Other requests, such as private bathrooms, are in extremely limited supply.  Per NJ executive orders, common spaces are required to be closed.  This includes all common or limited-access kitchens.  In addition, due to limited numbers of private bathrooms and/or kitchens on campus, access to these spaces cannot be guaranteed.  The needs of students with food allergies are typically supported through Campus Dining’s residential dining program,(link is external) rather than housing requests.

While all students will be assigned a single bedroom space, which meets most needs, other requests will be evaluated on an individual basis.  Students seeking new or changed accommodation requests should email the Office of Disability Services (

As noted in the Social Contract(link is external), students should

“[s]eek reasonable accommodations from the Office of Disability Services (ODS) if I am unable to follow the University’s expectations. If my requested accommodation(s) cannot be approved by ODS, I will follow the University’s expectations or I will continue to study remotely”.

These are unprecedented times, and we are all working to provide students with support and resources.  While we will do our best to provide approved accommodations, there may be cases where this is not possible due to the challenges presented.  Staff in the residential colleges, such as the Directors of Student Life, are also available to provide support.


Class of 2024 students should contact if they have not previously applied and need to submit documentation.