Frist Center

Daily mail delivery to your Frist Campus Center mailbox means you’ll never be out of touch.

Your Mailbox at the Frist Center

As an undergraduate, you will have your own mailbox—located on the 100 level of the Frist Campus Center—for mail delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. Campus mail addressed to students in their academic departments is delivered to the departments.

It’s good advice to check your mailbox regularly and make sure it is always locked. You can discard unwanted mail and flyers in the recycling bins. Do not send cash through the mail—use checks or money orders—and make sure that gift cards are sent with tracking such as certified mail or delivery notification.

At the end of the academic year, all mail will be redirected to your permanent home address. If you are changing addresses at the end of the academic year, you should submit a change of address to Frist Campus Mail Services, and your mail will be sent to your new address.

Package Pickup at Frist

When you receive certified, registered, priority express, or parcel post mail, you’ll get an email notification. To pick up your mail or package, go to the package pickup window at 118 Frist Campus Center and sign for your item.

You'll need your TigerCard, and only you can sign for packages that are addressed to you.


Outgoing mail can be dropped off at Frist Campus Center, your Residential College office, the Porter's Lodge at the Graduate College, and additional locations identified by academic departments.