Student and laptop outside a dorm

Princeton has you covered with TigerCard electronic access to your dorm and meal plan, high speed Internet and computer resources.

Your Official Princeton ID

Your TigerCard is your official Princeton University ID card, and you will receive it when you pick up your housing packet at move in. It’s also an all-in-one campus card that gives you access to your dorm, library, and athletic facilities; allows you to buy food or use your meal plan; offers free admission to many athletic events; use copiers; purchase apparel and books; and more.

Through Paw Points—money added to your TigerCard—you can purchase items at the Princeton University Store, all campus dining halls and the Frist Campus Center, ticketing offices, and student agencies.


Your TigerCard is Your Key

You gain entry to your dorm though a keyless lock, using your TigerCard for access. The University’s system of keyless locks for all undergraduate and graduate dormitories allows a higher level of security by requiring a dual validation for entry, meaning that a TigerCard and your four-digit PIN are required for entry into a dorm room. Access My Housing for Undergraduates to obtain your PIN.

My Housing for Undergraduates

24/7 Tech Support

All dorms are wireless enabled.

You may direct questions regarding computers and networking to the Office of Information Technology (OIT) help desk, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 609-258-HELP (4357) or send an email to

Residential Computing Consultants can also provide assistance in your dorm room.

Office of Information Technology

Need to Buy a Computer?

If you plan to buy a computer, check out the Student Computer Initiative which provides Princeton students with aggressively priced, highly capable computers.

Student Computer Initiative

TV in Your Room

You can watch TV from the comfort of your dorm room with TigerTV, which provides limited basic cable TV service, including some network channels. Contact the Office of Information Technology for more information.

For a subscription fee, you can watch everything from cartoons and sports to old movies and HBO specials.

Office of Information Technology Cable TV Service

Full Service

The University provides local, long distance, and caller ID telephone service in all dorm rooms, although you must bring your own touch-tone phone. You’ll also have your own voice message box and long distance personal authorization code (PAC), which allows you to place billable long distance calls from your dorm room.

Your PAC, which will remain the same throughout your time at Princeton, is retrieved from the Office of Information Technology (OIT) telephone services website. Visit the site for information about voice mail and Enabled Voice Mail (EVM), which sends voice messages to your e-mail inbox as audio file attachments.

Office of Information Technology Telephone Service