Move In

Move In is an exciting time at Princeton University. Be sure to take a look at these suggestions for planning your move to campus.

For early arrivals, please click here.

When to Arrive

All Class of 2023 students should plan to arrive to campus on Saturday, August 31st between 8 am - 1 pm. Students will have to sign-up for a check-in time between 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM through your matriculation form . 

Where to Go

Check-in for the Class of 2023 is at the Lewis Center for the Arts Forum on Alexander Road. If you arrive by car, enter campus via Faculty Road and follow it to the roundabout. Turn on to Elm Drive, where University staff will direct you to parking lots .

What You Will Receive

At the Lewis Center for the Arts, you will receive your TigerCard University ID, an information packet, a move-in map and a parking hang-tag, which allows you to drive up campus and park near your Residential College for one hour.

From the Lewis Center for the Arts, follow your move-in map and campus signs to find your Residential College. Staff will be available to assist you.

At Your Residential College

Use your move-in map to find your dormitory; to locate your room take a look at the floor plans for your Residential College. Volunteers will greet you outside your dormitory.

Floor Plans for Your Residential College

Where to Park after Unloading

After unloading at your Residential College, staff will direct you to Lot 20, where there is unlimited parking. TigerTransit buses run continually from Lot 20 and will shuttle you to the rest of campus and the main street of Princeton, Nassau Street.

If you drive into Princeton, you’ll find a parking garage on Spring Street, parking lots at Tulane Street and Park Place, and limited on-street parking. But consider walking. It’s just a short, 10-minute stroll through campus to the shops and restaurants in downtown Princeton.

Parking in Downtown Princeton

When to Arrive

Students are permitted to arrive beginning on Saturday, September 7th.

Early Arrival Check In

Only students who meet a set of specific criteria and receive permission will be allowed to check in early. If you return to campus prior to the approved early arrival date, you should make arrangements to stay off campus at your own expense.

Dining for Class of 2023 on August 31, 2019

Frist Campus Center

The Food Gallery at Frist will be open throughout each move-in day. The C-Store is located at the Frist Campus Center and is a great place to stop between classes or late at night for a quick snack. 

Food Gallery at Frist


Campus Cafés

There are six campus cafés located in academic buildings throughout campus. Hours of operations and locations are posted on the Campus Cafés website.

Campus Cafés


Princeton Mobile gives access to University resources for members of the Princeton campus community and the world. Princeton Mobile is available as a web app on any browser and as a native app for iOS and Android. The dining option helps you choose where and what you’d like to eat. Look up both residential and retail dining locations and check open hours, menus, and nutrition information.

Princeton Mobile App

Read "First-Year Students"

On the "First-Year Students" section of this website, you'll find lots more information to help you settle into your new life at Princeton University. It describes a typical dorm room and how you may personalize it, and recommends what to bring from home and what to leave behind.

All of your tech questions are answered, and there's everything you need to know about mail and how to best navigate the campus and the town of Princeton. Be sure to give it a thorough read.

First Year Students

Moving Trucks

You may bring a moving truck up to 15 feet onto campus.
This length represents the cargo box attached to a majority of moving trucks made available by most rental truck agencies. This length also allows ample cargo capacity for studio apartments and 1-2 bedroom units.
For moving trucks longer than 15 feet, parking will be made available in Lot 17 during move in.

On Saturday, August 31st and Saturday, September 7th, Facilities staff members will be available from 6:00am to 4:00pm to help guide larger moving trucks to safely navigate campus grounds.
Due to space constraints and the preservation of campus grounds, moving trucks exceeding 15 feet in length are unlikely to be guided as close to dormitories as smaller moving vehicles.

The ability of moving trucks to gain access near dormitory entrances may also be constrained by traffic congestion and available space.
Moving trucks exceeding 15 feet in length should be prepared to wait until traffic congestion dissipates and space becomes available.

Moving trucks exceeding 15 feet, or arriving outside of the dates and times outlined above, will have an opportunity to unload contents from a designated area in Lot 17. Push carts will be provided, as available.


You may bring a trailer up to 10 feet onto campus.
This length specification accommodates the University’s many narrow walkways and sharp angle turns, which make the movement of trailers very difficult and unsafe.
Trailers longer than 10 feet will have an opportunity to unload contents from a designated area in Lot 17. Push carts will be provided, as available.

Short-term Storage Prior to Check-in

Princeton Student Agencies’ Moving & Storage Agency offers short-term storage for current FSI students, available between the conclusion of FSI’s summer program and the official move-in date for all first-year students. For questions, please contact Princeton Student Agencies by email (, or at 609-258-4906.

Storage Pickup Locations for International Students and Volunteers

Storage for international students and ISAP volunteers arriving early on campus for international pre-orientation is provided by Building Services, (609) 258-3490. There is a two-box limit and the storage is located in the Fisher Hall basement.

Summer Storage

The Princeton Student Agencies Moving and Storage Agency will store your belongings during the summer. The agency will move your items from your room, store them, and deliver them to your room in the fall. Contact the Moving Princeton Student Agencies’ Moving & Storage Agency will store your belongings for the summer. The agency’s Full Service Storage option offers the convenience of pickup directly from your spring dorm room, summer storage, and drop-off service to your fall dorm room. The agency also offers an Economy Box Storage option, with convenient box drop-off locations for spring, and equally accessible box pick-up locations for fall, available throughout campus. Contact the Moving & Storage Agency directly with any questions.

To ensure the safety and privacy of all residents as well as the preservation of campus grounds and facilities, the University requires storage and moving providers to meet certain criteria and agree to a set of guidelines.

University-approved providers

If you are interested in contracting storage or moving services, the following is a list of University-approved providers:

Moving and Storage Agency

Campus Storage

Storage Squad

Only those providers listed above are permitted on campus and authorized to enter dormitories. This list continues to be updated as new providers receive University approval.

Your responsibility

Except when contracting with the Moving and Storage Agency, it is your responsibility to be present in your dorm at the time of service.


It is a violation of University policy for you to contract storage and moving services with unapproved providers.