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Summer Housing 2020

All efforts will be made to house all summer housing applicants, although all applicants may not be able to draw into summer housing if the occupancy limit is reached. If this occurs, we will start a waitlist. This year the following buildings will be used for summer housing: TBD


Thursday, April 2nd - Summer Housing Applications Available

Monday, April 27th - Summer Housing Applications and Forms Due

Friday, May 8th - Summer Housing Draw 

Monday, June 8th - Summer Housing Begins

Monday, August 3rd- Summer Housing Ends

Late applications will be waitlisted and given consideration, if space is available, after the selection and assignment process.


Cost & Contract Length

There is a tiered pricing model for summer housing. Students are able to have 1-3 week contracts for summer. Student with longer contracts will pay a discounted weekly rate. The rates are as follows:


General Information

What is Interim Housing? - Interim Housing provides accommodations for groups and individuals who need to stay on campus because of various services and activities for reunions and commencement.

Who is eligible for Interim Housing:

1. Students working for reunions, i.e. Dining Services, Building Services, etc.

2. Students who are members of contracted student entertainment groups working or performing during reunions.

3. Students who signed Summer Housing Contracts and requested Interim Housing. If you cancel your summer housing contract, you will NOT be eligible for interim housing. Students who receive interim housing for summer housing ONLY are not eligible to purchase Reunions wristbands. If you are a summer housing student and ALSO a member of a crew, working reunions or in a student entertainment group performing you would be eligible through one of those groups.

4. Students working on Reunion Crews

Note: Seniors do not need to apply for interim housing. Students on leave or living off-campus during the Spring semester are not eligible for Interim Housing.

How Interim Assignments Are Made

Only a specified number of rooms and only certain rooms are designated for Interim Housing. At all times we endeavor to keep the student in his/her academic year room. However, if the student’s academic room is not a designated interim room, then that student will have to vacate their room. The interim move around day is Sunday, May 26th. If you are assigned a new room, you MUST be on campus to move this day or you must move your belongings out of your current room prior to this day if you plan on leaving campus or being away.

We understand that this can be a very exciting, yet challenging time and we sincerely thank you for your cooperation in following the interim housing procedures. Please feel free to call Student Housing at 258-3460 or e-mail if you have any questions concerning Interim Housing.

Thank you,

Undergraduate Housing Department
Alumni Council

** Due to potential early move arounds and other housing arrangements, student who participate in interim housing are expected to be on campus during the interim period.

May 15th - Interim Housing Assignments Posted

May 26th - Interim Housing Move Around

June 5th - Interim Housing ends. Exception: Students with Summer Housing Contracts beginning June 11th.


To be eligible for summer housing you must be in good standing with the University and meet one or more of the criteria below. Applications are prioritized and processed in the following order:

1. Students conducting senior thesis research, completing junior papers, other independent work, or participating in approved for credit academic coursework or internship. Status must be verified by their independent work advisor, the established academic department, or the advising Director of Studies. Students enrolled in summer courses in the area must also provide proof of enrollment. (Any Class of '19 must make full payment at the Treasurer's Office and provide receipt showing full payment in advance of signing a summer room contract.)

2. Students working full time for the University (minimum 35 hours per week*). Status must be verified by the faculty or staff member for whom the student is working.

3. Students participating in a University-sponsored and supervised on or off-campus program.  Status must be verified by the sponsoring University department.  Federal Work Study participants doing community service summer projects must have their status verified by the University’s Federal Work Study Coordinator.

4. Students who are engaged in an approved and sponsored University activity that requires summer residency. Summer on-campus residence is dependent upon Departmental approval and a student’s regular involvement in tasks that relate to the mission of that group. Status must be verified by the sponsoring University administrator.

5. Non-Princeton students working full time for the University (minimum 35 hours per week*). Status must be verified by the faculty or staff member for whom the student is working.  All non-Princeton University students must make full payment at the Treasurer’s Office and provide a receipt showing payment in full in advance of signing a summer room contract. If paying by personal check, the check must be made out in U.S. dollars, made payable to "Princeton University ", and in the full amount of the housing contract.  Non-Princeton students must have completed at least the first year of college to be eligible for Summer Housing and be at least 18 years of age.

6. Princeton University Undergraduate students qualified for family housing are eligible.  Documentation of family status is required.

Notes:  Verification and approval must be provided on the Confirmation Form as indicated above and submitted with the summer housing application.  In addition, all summer housing applicants will be reviewed and approved by their Director of Student Life prior to summer housing contract offers and assignments.

*A student seeking co-sponsorship for employment (more than one campus job to meet the 35 hours per week requirement) must submit a Departmental Sponsorship form for each sponsor.  Each form should indicate the number of hours worked for each sponsor.

Students taking or returning from a voluntary withdrawal or leave of absence must have approval from their Dean and Director of Student Life to be eligible for summer housing. Please note that preparation for MCAT tests IS NOT a qualifying criterion for summer housing.

Special needs housing accommodations are available to students with a demonstrated medical necessity. Accommodation requests will be handled on an individual basis, and students may be required to provide information from a medical provider to document the need for the accommodation, or supplement previous information.

Not Eligible

  • Students required to withdraw are not eligible for summer housing.
  • Incoming first-year.
  • Non-Princeton Students enrolled in high school


Room draw

Summer Room Draw will take place on Friday, May 8th . Draw times will be emailed to students prior to Summer Room Draw. The room selection rules will permit up to 4 students wishing to live together in the same suite the opportunity to do so by allowing them to draw with the person who holds the earliest draw time. Students must be present at draw or make proxy arrangements with the Undergraduate Housing Office. Anyone missing a draw time, who still wishes to draw a room, must come in to the Housing Office to choose a room, if any are available, and sign a contract.

Married applicants will be assigned first.

Students eligible for summer housing will be given draw times based on the following point system and then by the length of the contract within each category.

3 points: Students conducting senior thesis research, completing junior papers, other independent work, or participating in approved for credited academic coursework or internship.

2 points: Princeton University students working full time for the University (minimum 35 hours per week).

2 points: Non-Princeton students working full time for the University (minimum 35 hours per week).

1 point: Students participating in a University-sponsored and supervised on or off-campus program.

1 point: Students who are engaged in an approved and sponsored University activity that requires summer residency.

  • If space is not available for draw, some students with lower priority will be assigned to a space available after the draw occurs. Students given an assignment will be notified by e-mail and will have 3 working days after the date of notice to sign the contract. Failure to sign the contract in this time limit will void the contract offer for summer housing.


  • It is very important that should you find alternate accommodations for the summer that you contact the Housing Office via email addressed to to let us know that you will not need summer housing. This allows us to update our records and provide housing to others who still require it.


Students who submit summer housing applications after the deadline will be placed on a summer waitlist. They will be able to choose housing from the available rooms after Summer Room Draw.There is no guarantee of summer housing for wait listed students. Therefore, off campus accommodations should be considered.  Only students fitting the eligibility criteria listed above will be assigned summer housing.


  • The length of a full 8 week summer contract will be from Monday, June 8th through Monday, August 3rd, 2020 on a space available basis. Cost will be based on the summer housing tiered pricing (listed above). Due to dormitory preparations for Fall 2020, no contract may begin after July 20, 2020. A student may sign only one summer contract. It is not possible, for instance, to have one contract which ends in early July and another which begins in late July.
  • Only students who are in good standing with the University are eligible for summer housing. Students taking a voluntary withdrawal or leave of absence, as well as students who have been required to withdraw are NOT eligible for summer housing.


Any student canceling a signed contract will be charged a $300.00 cancellation fee. An additional charge of $200.00 will be assessed should a student cancel his/her contract prior to the start of their summer contract, but after the interim housing period has begun and if they remained on campus during that time. To cancel a contract a student must complete a cancellation form in the Undergraduate Housing Office. You must remove your belongings from your room within 48 hours. Refunds will be processed only after the above actions are taken. Any student whose enrollment is terminated by the University must remove all belongings from their room within 48 hours.

There is a tiered pricing model for summer housing. Students are able to have 1-3 week contracts for summer. Student with longer contracts will pay a discounted weekly rate. The rates are as follows:


All current Princeton University students (Class of  2021, 2022, and 2023) will have summer housing charges billed to their student account.  Any Class of 2020 student must make full payment at the Housing Office (5th Floor of New South) and provide a receipt showing payment in full in advance of drawing a summer room or signing a summer room contract.

Non-Princeton students can pay with check or money order made payable to Princeton University.  Payment should be made upon arrival to campus at the Housing Office, 5th floor New South Building.


University departments who are paying the summer housing costs for students should submit a Departmental Payment Sheet to the Housing Office. The department is responsible for providing the names of the students they are paying for as well as the chartstring information needed for Prime billing.


Non Princeton students are required to sign their contract and pay their balance in full before they can move into their summer assignment.  Contracts cannot be signed by proxy.  Non Princeton students and graduated seniors will be required to get a Princeton University Visitor ID card in order to access the dorms.  The cost of the ID card, $15.00 will be billed to the sponsoring department.  If a graduated senior is completing independent work and does not have a sponsoring department, the Visitor ID card will be requested by housing, and the $15.00 charge will be incorporated into the housing charges.  In the case that a non Princeton student or a graduated senior student loses their key and/or key fob, the sponsoring department will be billed for the lock change and/or replacement fob.  It is up to the sponsoring department to seek any financial reimbursement from the student.


Summer Housing billing will close on August 31st.  Any appeals for housing charges (room charges, lock/key charges, cancellation charges, etc.) must be resolved by this date.  After this date, only incorrect billing and billing discrepancies will be reviewed.

As in previous summers, dormitory entry doors will be locked at all times beginning at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, June 8th. Contact the Tiger Card Office in New South Building, in person or by calling 8-5436, if you are a Princeton student and need a replacement Tiger Card. Class of 2020 and Non-Princeton students must get a Princeton University Visitor ID card to access the dorms.

All student Tiger Cards will be deactivated at the close of business on the day after commencement.
Students living in summer housing will continue to have their Tiger Card activated for the period of time indicated on their summer housing contract. Summer students approved for Interim Housing will have access to interim dorms during the interim period if they have been approved.
Tiger Cards will only be activated for the summer dormitories. All Tiger Cards will be reactivated for the undergraduate dormitories for the fall term.

Students with summer housing contracts beginning on TBD will have card access to their room beginning at 9 am.  Access will NOT be available before this time as University workers must have unobstructed access to the dormitories prior to 9 am on Monday TBD.  Card Access will end at 11:59 pm on the last day of the contract.  For students with contracts ending TBD, access will end at 4 pm.

Princeton students can activate their room access by touching their TigerCard to any Hot Spot after 9 am on the start date of their contract.  Class of 2018 students and Non-Princeton students will need to go to the TigerCard office to get their Visitor ID card in order to access their room.

Students are expected to leave campus between non-senior room check out, Saturday, May 23rd and the beginning of summer move-in on Monday, June 8th. Students who have a signed a summer contract beginning on June 8th are eligible for Interim Housing during this period.  To qualify for Interim Housing, you MUST check the appropriate space on the Summer Housing Application. ALL summer housing contract holders approved for Interim Housing will be assigned a space in and interim dorm, and must stay in that assignment even if working reunions with another group. There will be no exceptions.

Interim Housing assignments will be posted online TBD after 5:00 pm. Interim housing move around will occur on Sunday, May 24th from 1:00 pm. – 4:00 pm. Students should plan on staying in their current room on the evening of Saturday May 23th, but you MUST be on campus to move from your academic year room on Sunday May 24th. If you are unable to move your own belongings you MUST make arrangements for a friend to move your belongings for you on this day. NO EXCEPTIONS. The majority of summer students will remain in their interim rooms until June 8th, which is the summer housing move-in date. Due to potential early move arounds and other housing arrangements, student who participate in interim housing are expected to be on campus during the interim period. There is no charge for Interim Housing. More information about Interim Housing will be available in the May Check-Out Brochure, available on the housing website. IF A SUMMER HOUSING CONTRACT IS CANCELLED, INTERIM HOUSING WILL BE CANCELLED AS WELL.

PLEASE NOTE: Although every effort is made to avoid this situation when possible, due to the availability of rooms there is a clear possibility that a summer housing student may be required to move twice: once from their academic year room into Interim Housing, and a second time from their Interim Housing room assignment to their Summer Housing room assignment.


If you want more information on Interim Housing, please visit the Interim Housing website or email

When your contract ends, you must remove all of your belongings from your summer housing dormitory and vacate the room. This also applies to students who will be living in a summer use dormitory for the academic year. SUMMER HOUSING IS NOT AN ALTERNATIVE STORAGE AREA. Do not move furniture into your room for the summer unless you are capable of removing it when your contract ends. You may not leave any belongings in your summer room after your contract ends! Belongings left behind after your contract ends may be disposed of, and the student is liable for the cost of disposal.

All students in housing through the end of the summer contract must be moved out by 12:00 p.m. on Monday, August 3, 2020. This is a strict deadline and no exceptions are possible. If you cannot move out of your summer room on this date you must make arrangements to do so before the end of the contract. It is your responsibility to be on campus and move out of summer housing on this date. 


Only students who have been approved for early arrival by the Early Arrival Policy Committee may have access to their fall rooms before the start of the Fall 2020 semester. Students who have not removed all of their belongings from their summer housing space by 4:00 p.m. on August 3rd, will be assessed a labor charge for the time University staff expends to remove and store your belongings. In addition, you may be referred to the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students for disciplinary action.


As you may expect, Princeton summers are very hot and humid. While fans are permitted, window air conditioning units are NOT permitted in any dormitories. Bloomberg is expected to be air conditioned.


Note that this meal plan extends beyond the August 3, 2020 contract period. Summer housing residents are invited to use the plan after they have vacated their residence.

This plan is exclusive to undergraduate and graduate students.



Register online to purchase 

Charges will be to your student account. All payments are final.
There are no refunds for unused meals.
Meals may only be used for the cardholder. 
No guest meals are allowed. 
Single entry per meal period

Meals in this plan may be used at the summer BBQ on Wednesday on the Frist South Lawn.

Residential dining halls serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Dining halls are open on a rotating basis.  Hours of operation and menus for each meal are available on the Campus Dining website and by downloading the Princeton Mobile app.

Summer BBQ

Graduate, undergraduate students, members of the University Community and their guests are invited to dine at the Buffet Cookout on the Frist South Lawn each Wednesday, from TBD through TBD from 6 until 7:30 p.m.   Payment options include: Summer Meal Plan swipe, Paw Points, student charge, cash or credit.  Charge is $11.50 per person.


Room changes are not permitted during the summer housing contract period, including changes requested due to extreme summer weather conditions.

The Housing Office reserves the right to require students to move into vacancies that occur through the summer. For example, if a quad loses two people, the remaining two may be moved to another room so that the original room may be closed and cleaned in preparation for fall term students.


Please be aware before you sign your housing agreement that you may experience periods of inconvenience or noise resulting from construction or refurbishing. Summer provides the only opportunity to make repairs or improve mechanical systems in campus housing. Please consider this information before signing a contract. Refunds are not given on the basis of inconvenience resulting from construction or refurbishing.


No furniture may be removed from any dormitory room during summer housing.  Every room comes with 6 standard pieces of furniture - a bed frame, mattress, desk, desk chair, dresser and bookcase. In spaces without a built in closet a wardrobe has been provided. These must remain secured to the wall. University issued furniture may not be misappropriated in any way. No student may accept furniture from another dormitory room and no furniture may be removed from a dormitory room.

Students are responsible of the loss of or damage to University property provided for their use, including the furniture in their accommodations. All University property originally in the room must be left in good order.


Parking will be available for summer residents who draw successfully at room draw. A valid parking permit is required. All resident students need to have their current permit updated by contacting Transportation and Parking Services (TPS) located on the A Floor, New South Building. Additional information can be obtained from either the TPS website:, or by calling 609-258-3157 or 609-258-5436.


Summer residents living in dormitory rooms are provided with local and campus service. Those students remaining for summer session and who have signed up for telephone service will have long distance service using their PAC. Class of ‘20 graduates and non-Princeton students residing in summer housing can place calls using a calling card, or by calling collect (AT&T: 800 CALL ATT). For more information, please refer to the OIT Telecommunications website.