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Five Draw Options

As a rising junior or senior, you have five options to draw for the dormitory and room or suite you want to live in during the next academic year.  You may:

  • Submit an application to more than one draw.
  • Submit just one application per draw.
  • Contract for one room and one dining plan, if applicable.

You will also choose from three dining options: a meal plan contract through Dining Services, membership in an eating club or co-op, or to cook on your own as an Independent.

Option 1:  Regular Upperclass Room Draw

All rooms in upperclass dormitories, except those chosen during the Independent Room Draw and those reserved for special needs students and dormitory assistants, are included in regular Upperclass Room Draw.

Rooms in four-year Residential Colleges are also included when upperclass limits for each college have not been met. Residential College rules apply.

Option 2: Four-Year Residential College Room Draw

Rising juniors and seniors may draw for a limited number of rooms in the four-year Butler, Mathey and Whitman Residential Colleges. Availability is dependent on upperclass limits for each college. You:

  • May apply for the draw in more than one Residential College.
  • Must apply for the draw in each Residential College separately.
  • Must choose a dining contract.

Group draws may include from two to eight members in any number of either gender. Residential College room draw rules apply.

Option 3: Independent Room Draw

Selected rooms near kitchens in each upperclass dormitory are set aside for Independents. At least half of the residents in each room must be Independent and may include any number of either gender.

As an Independent in an upperclass dormitory, you agree to the Independent Pledge on your contract:

“My signature on the Housing/Dining Agreement acknowledges my full understanding of the University’s definition of an Independent. I certify by my signature that I am aware if I fail to abide by the Pledge, I will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate students for disciplinary action. If I am found in violation of the Independent Pledge, I understand the penalty is normally probation. I am aware that the probation is a matter of permanent record.”

Option 4: Spelman Hall Room Draw

Spelman Hall features suites, each with four single bedrooms and a full kitchen, and at least half of the students in each suite must be Independent. If you draw as a group, your group may include four or eight students in any number of either gender.

As an Independent in Spelman Hall, you agree to the Independent Pledge on your contract (see Pledge above at “Option 3: Independent Room Draw.”)

Option 5: Married Student Room Draw

Five four-room suites in Spelman Hall, each with a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and private bath, are available to upperclass married students. They are suites 31, 33, 42, 62 and 72. There are no undergraduate accommodations for families with children.